Ultimate Custom Night
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Think your life's boring enough? then it's time to play Ultimate Custom Night. It's a game that lets you create and play in your own private sandbox; with anything you want. You canvas all the land, build and modify anything you can think of, survive threats that lurk around every corner, and have some good old-fashioned fun (unless you decide to switch it up and try some true horror). And the best part is this: It's totally free! Ready to play? In this article, I'll be going over what you can do to Get started with The Ultimate Custom Night game and a Basic introduction.


Here everything is custom. That includes the layout, enemies, rooms, and even the powerups. trust me you definitely do not find another game like this. The possibilities are endless! The first night of Ultimate Custom Night. It's simple and fun, but you'll find yourself wanting more from your experience. The night goes like this: There are four rooms in total: Lobby, Regular Game, Prize Corner, and Bathroom (the bathroom is separate from the rest of the house). The enemies are the Toy, 4-Leaf Clover, Fly, and Mannequin. Each enemy has its own behavior and its own attack patterns. The four out of six rooms are unlocked each night by completing them; they activate as you finish each one. So, for sure, this is arguably one of the easiest nights in the entire game. This night takes place in an underground amusement park, with only one room: The Entrance (the park). There's no prize corner, no bathroom, and no special customization to speak of either. There are two enemy types: Normal Bobs (with a chance of a corrupted version) and Mr. Chipper NPCs. The Ultimate Custom Night is a mode in Five Nights at Freddy's that lets the player customize the difficulty of each animatronic. It is unlocked after completing the Custom Night challenge on Hard. When you select the Extra menu, it shows Animatronics Menu. In this game difficulty (1-10) is controlled by a slider. So, a total of 3 difficulties is available. The first one is obviously “Very Easy (Default)”, also it has the second version called “Easy”. The next one is “Normal” and the last one is “Hard” which also has two type versions like “Very Hard”, “Ultimate Custom Night (this difficulty can't be accessed via the menu, you have to add it manually)”.


So, all those levels like- Very Easy: require a target and do not get damaged by the laser. Easy: requires a target and does not get damaged by the laser. Normal: requires a target and is damaged by laser but doesn't fall down. Hard: requires a target and is damaged by laser but doesn't fall down. Very Hard: requires a target, is damaged by the laser, and falls down. 6: Ultimate Custom Night (this difficulty can't be accessed via the menu, you have to add it manually): requires a target, is damaged by the laser, and falls down. He also moves faster than the other animatronics. When you select Animatronics Menu, it shows Animatronics Menu. You can choose between the 8 animatronics (1-8). By clicking on one of them, it shows the Name Menu for that specific animatronic. Each animatronic has 3 difficulty modes. The lowest difficulty is 1, the highest is 6. The easiest difficulty is 2, the hardest difficulty is 5. Animation speed also has 3 difficulties: Fast, Normal, and Slow respectively. (You can change it from Settings Menu). It's moving slowly and it’s a default animatronic of "Freddy". It's moving faster than usual and it's a default animatronic of "Chica". It's moving quicker but slower than usual and it's gone from "Bonnie". Last but not least, it’s a really fun game for those who like to play scary games.





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    five night at freddy i beat them all jet in 100 day