Pokémon GO
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Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game for all nations, and it is a fantastic experience to explore the world around you with your Pokemon buddies.

This mobile game can be operated on iOS and Android systems with their LBS (location-based service) so there is no need to worry about device compatibility. Augmented reality makes it possible for various cute Pokemon to show up in the real world, then you can capture, fight, train and trade " Pokémon " even in your gardens or city squares. Of course, the platform may provide different Pokemon in different places. For example, if you stay in a region where the earthquake happens at a high frequency, you may find more ground Pokémon. In this game, Earthquake is one of the strongest moves with power and accuracy both 100. If you want to encounter more water Pokémon, you may need to go places near water such as the sea, lakes or rivers in the real world. What fancies me is this game combines the virtual Pokémon with reality. Thus, those cute and strong creatures may fly above our heads, some may run across the plains where we work or study, or forests where we go hiking. On this platform, you can collect more than 600 Pokémon.

When you go somewhere alone, you can start playing the game with your favorite Pokémon. I begin to use the Buddy feature in 2018, not so far from its release, and the system allows you to select Pokémon as the main representation of the profile page. While you move, your buddy will receive magical candies and other rewards. I believe it catches your attention and gives a sense of accompanying.

Raid with friends for Legendary Pokemon, players can invite friends from different countries to raids and come together to defeat challenging raid battles. Playing together and enjoying yourselves in the game couldn’t be better as playing alone is not always a good choice. But do remember that invited friends cannot be more than 5 to join the raid. As long as recipients receive a notification, invited friends can join the Raid Battle. Then it’s time to kick a start.

Battling to take over gyms for your team is another amazing feature. When you hit level five, you can enter a gym. Gyms are battle arenas for all Pokémon but only winning teams can occupy them. When you choose the team, it’ll be better to cluster the creatures of the same color. Fighting other players’ Pokémon until they have been sent back to their Trainers. Taking over the gym doesn’t mean your team owns it forever but you guys have to defend it with up to 10 Pokémon. If you want to attack other gyms, you may think over the Pokémon you leave in the dominated gyms. Pokémon will be knocked and challenged in the order they were placed in the Gym. Gyms turn grey on the map means all of the Pokémon have been removed from the gym. One point you should keep in mind is that when trainers from different teams are battling a Gym at the same time, trainers who put a Pokémon in first after clearing out the defenders will claim the Gym for their team.

Though you may be addicted to these exciting things, Pokémon Go has some limits especially in the period of Covid-19. Since you have to move a certain distance to get a new Pokémon so this game suits outdoor lovers best. However, we have all been harassed by movement control to some degree in recent days. Besides, there should be more ways for interactions among players, then this game could be a great way to connect children and grown-ups. All in all, if you are a Pikachu fan, this game is worth trying.