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Toca Lab: Plants is a game in which you evolve plants into different species and each plant has a unique personality which is just like a human in some sense because we all have personalities. This is also a collection game where you can choose to collect as many plants as possible and evolve them individually. This game is practically a world with plants and science.


In the game, you will have a lab and plants for you to develop. There are experiments you can do to discover how plants evolve which is quite educational because it’s relating to plant evolution in real life. The game is also educational because plants’ name in the game is not fictional or made up, they are real-life plants' name.


The power of this game will most definitely inspire kids to imagine and create a world full of creativity inside. According to the developers, the game is designed to help kids to get in touch with the real world and this game takes the whole narrative of kids. The developers also mention that the game is to help kids to become who they wanted to be all along. This is just fantastic and makes this game an all-time classic for the unique reasons and messages the developers try to convey.


Some kids are obsessed with this game and put a lot of effort into trying real-life gardening. This game is the foundation for them to find out what they are passionate about. This is extraordinary because games’ main purpose is just to relax people and have a good time. But now Toca Lab: Plants have more meaning given to it The game equipped kids with basic knowledge of gardening and vegetables and fruits.


You can play this game on a tablet or a smartphone, so it’s quite convenient because you can discover the world of plants where ever you are and whenever you wanted to play. I love the design of the lab which is practically based on no real physics and chemistry lab. The equipment inside which you can zoom in and use will help kids and teenagers to understand the world of science. There are also precautions and safety drills that are certainly a part of real-world science in the gameplay which is fantastic and makes this game more than just imagination and creativity. The plants in this game are quite cute not gonna lie including happy faces which will cheer you up if you are feeling down.


Overall, I think this game is well designed and full of educational purposes. The inventory section makes it more fun when players will be able to check out how many companions(plants) they get and evolve just like collecting pokemon. This is a game mainly served for kids, but you will probably enjoy it as much as an adult. As someone who hasn’t been able to do gardening in my whole life, the game sure does offer me a lot of useful information on gardening and plants. The fact that I can go online and search more about specific plants or gardening drives my interest more in the world of plants. So I’m pretty sure the same thing will happen to kids which makes them enjoy the process of finding new types of plants and exploring the life cycle of plants.


Additionally, one of the lovely features that the game has is the “for parents” section in the corner where parents can see the tutorial and introduction so they can help and play the game with their kids with some basic knowledge of the game too which is super helpful and friendly! I would suggest you try out this game as soon as possible!