Toca Lab: Elements
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Toca Lab elements is a great game if you want to study anything about chemistry but overall it’s a great game for kids to try out. There are a lot of different types of equipment and elements in the lab and it’s not only limited to certain kinds but consists of practically everything you could ever think of.


This game gives the players options to try things out themselves which means you can play around with anything you think it’s interesting or appealing. Kids will be able to find something themselves even without any instructions or comments. There are liquid nitrogen, centrifuge and so many another thing about chemistry and quite frankly, I’m not even that familiar with those things in so many ways. This game has a lot of educational purposes for kids and I would enrich myself with a lot of chemistry background knowledge.


If your kids or really into the game, I would recommend playing this game with someone who has some sort of chemistry background knowledge because it’s easy for you to be confused about either equipment or elements inside the lab. I have to google what exactly a centrifuge is since it’s been so long since I last did anything related to Chemistry due to my lacking knowledge of Chemistry. I’m not necessarily saying this game can teach you so many things about Chemistry but it’s undoubtedly a game worth playing because this game can be your founder stone in the world of ChemistRy.


Although the game is well designed and has so many positive reviews attained toward it, we need to realize some of the possible flaws in my opinion. This app gets boring pretty quickly and I would have a hard time coming back to this game after playing it for a long time. You could say the reason I’m not coming back to the game can be a direct result of me not liking Chemistry that much, but I feel like the game could have done a better job to make the game more in-depth. If there are more elements to choose from and the players will have chances of combining different of them and seeking those fabulous chemical reactions would bring a lot of attention to the players. This game is mainly designed for kids, so like any other kid's game, the key should be to grab their eye sights to make sure they don’t get bored quickly.


Like a lot of Toca games, Lab elements give kids chances to tap and drag and do persistent experiments to learn and experience the world of learning. The elements in the game are cute and welcoming as well which gives me a vibe of peace and comfort. Kids being kids, they don’t have to learn anything about Chemistry to try out this game which makes this game more like an explorable Chemistry playground. As I mentioned before, kids will reach out to their teachers or parents to look for answers or ask questions about literally anything. It would be beneficial for teachers and parents to get back to them and answer anything they want to ask about.


To end, I feel like this game doesn’t attract someone who is an adult and doesn’t like Chemistry that much, for instance, myself, but it will capture the eyes of kids because they are always full of curiosity and an open mind. This app will provide your kids with all the types of equipment of Chemistry and elements of Chemistry you will ever need and encounter in a game/world of Chemistry. So it’s not late for your kids to try something new today!