Toca Hair Salon 3
Cut, color, style & go wild!
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  • Age: Rated for 4+
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Okay, let’s talk about Toca Hair Salon 3. This is different from Toca Hair Salon 4 for sure because it’s an older generation but I like it better somehow. It’s a game that’s mainly played by kids as probably everything that starts with Toca. You have the opportunity to create something like a specific style you always wanted to try on in real life, whether it’s quirky or breathtaking because it’s totally up to you!


You will have to choose from one of the ten major characters accompanied by a randomized specific style and personality. So you can use your tool to make every possible style as you want it! This gives the kids/teenagers an awesome way to explore and develop their creativity as a barber.


I love how the developers did an excellent job on the hair in Toca Hair Salon 3, the curly hair looks the same as in real life. There are dozens of hairstyles you can choose which give you the freedom of being a real-life barber if you ever wanted to be. The tools for the shop are just like in real life with razors, scissors, and so on. The tools in the game are straightforward to use, so kids and teenagers players will easily be familiar with and maybe even ready to use them in real life. The procedure the game provides and requires to do such as blow dryer after washing provides kids the details of becoming a barber if they are interested. The freedom of dying rainbow hair or adding an outstanding mustache is your choice, you will get so much fun from the game because you can do whatever you want to do on the character.


Like other Toca games, the game is always kids friendly. Parents will always have the chance to read more about the details of the game and there is always a designated protected parent area. One of the game features I enjoy the most is the randomization of characters. So there are always 4 new characters for me to choose from and put either a new hairstyle or facial makeup on. Since they are different characters, I can see the difference between how styles can look so much different on individuals. This will provide kids with the perception of how individuals are different from each other’s but everyone is beautiful in their own way. Also not every style or hairstyle looks in one individual. So they probably will start to understand the importance of finding what’s best for you. In addition to the randomization, you can always switch off characters you don’t like, so that will provide you with more freedom to find someone you like. This feature is helpful for me cause if I want to find a girl that looks in a specific way to try on a style that I have been thinking about, I can just keep shifting until when I find someone I like.


Overall, I like this game very much because it gives me a sense if I ever wanted to open up my barbershop. The fact that there is so much randomization reminds me of how diverse our society is, different people with different traits come to the barbershop to get the style they’ve been hoping for. So it’s realistic for someone like me to decide which one looks the cleanest and coolest for individuals. I would recommend anyone from a different age group to try this game out since it shows the job of a real-life barber. If you are like me who was dissatisfied with my barber sometimes, you will probably see how hard this job is on this game! 





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