Toca Cars
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Toca Cars, another wonderful game, is not necessarily a first-person driving simulator. You will probably drag your finger to make your car run on the track. One of the features that I like the most is the different views in the background with completely looking buildings and animals, it’s just so many details in it.


The game doesn’t have that high resolution but it has the basic functions in a car game you need. The trees and traffic lights capture my attention. It’s like a small city designed for kids to have a fun time in. The randomness in the game to race others make me feel like it’s also a racing game but the options for you to make edits on your map are just amazing. As a big fan of Asphalt, this game is quite similar to the Asphalt cat game. It’s simpler with lower resolution, but does that mean this game is a worse game than Asphalt? I hardly think so. This game’s main target audience is kids so the easier setup and the function of small races have more meaning because in Asphalt there are so many things to learn. In Toca Cars, you can choose to drive around or race your friend, whateveryou want to be.


The control system is also simpler, you don’t have to move your IPad or your phone sideways to make your car turn or to go in a certain direction. As someone who constantly hangs out with little cousin, I would know how hard it is for kids from age 3-to 8 to understand the rules and basic structure of games. So Toca Cars are one the most straightforward controlling game ever. There is no goal in the game, so you can do whatever you want with your car which makes the game unique and interesting.


I love how you can choose to go to a setting with forests and towns and it’s totally up to you. You can do quite a lot in the neighborhood and as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can build your scenery as lively as it can be. The options are not limited and full of explorations. I love seeing my cousin drive this Toca car through puddles in different colors. The interaction in this game also captures my attention. Because you can choose to interact with a robot or some NPCs in the game. This is like the world of Minecraft where you can create your world, but the basic function is driving your car in this wonderful world you created.


Some possible flaw that the game face is that the editor section is hard for kids to get the hang of it, so it would be helpful for kids to get clearer and more specific instructions. Another thing I noticed about the gameplay that makes me feel interested is that the more you drag your finger on the screen, you will have more control with your car and drifting is common in the game as well. But the problem with the driving is the camera. If I can choose to change the views of the camera when I want to switch as someone who is driving or from the overview will make me see the details and roads more clearly.


To conclude, I find this game provides me with an experience different from other games because the game gives me a feeling of indie qualities that make me have a wonderful mood after playing it. I would recommend you download it for your kids to enjoy driving in the game before they will soon become adults driving in the real world!