Toca Builders
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Toca Builders is a creative building game that is designed for kids and you will be able to develop your world in the game. In the game, you will be using blocks to build anything you want and you will also be equipped with unique skills to help build! You can also choose to rotate or smash or drop the block if you wanted to construct anything interestingly.


This game inspires you to use your imagination and creativity to build! So that being said, this is honestly another awesome sandbox kids' game helping them to imagine what world they want to live in. The game was also developed from the kids’ perspective and the developers want the kids to become whoever they always wanted to be. There are 6 characters with individual skills. So if you want certain types of building, you will have to switch and pair up with the right blocks.


This game reminds me of “Minecraft” but it’s like a smaller version with the function of building things ups as you like them to be. You can randomly choose to change colors and add and delete blocks as you wanted them to be. It’s like a big Lego set gathered around in a video game. You have no instruction but you will have to use the blocks and resources to build up your “Lego”.


Interestingly, there are even kindergarten or primary school teachers using this app to help their students to understand the function of the building and develop their creative personalities. I love this idea and I also enjoy the fact that this game is just about building so it’s more concentrated with more details on the building itself. Oh, you will also have to be flexible enough to be successful in this game, because you always will have to come up with new thoughts corresponding to the right character’s ability. So never hesitate to switch characters to fulfill your wish on your building.


The game is in 3D and the graphics and the gameplay are smooth. Although this game probably won’t be a game that you can spend most of your time on, it’s still a game where you can choose to either walk or just randomly build stuff however you want it to be. The freedom it gives eliminates the limitation the kids have in real life. Some kids will experience the constant comments or complaints from their parents if they try to make a mess because they wanted to develop or build anything in real life, but they will for sure not be blamed to build a beautiful house in the game of Toca Building.


The educational purpose the game offers is majestic as well which I admire because you will have to think logically as a kid. First, what you will have in mind what you want to build and what’s the outside look for your unique building. How large is the structure gonna be and what’s the foundation of the building. To some extent, kids will probably be thinking about colors selection to make their building stand out as well. So the game will provide kids with strategic thoughts to be efficient builders in the game. The fact that you will have to assign each character to their best job is also a challenge for kids to overcome. This will help them become decisive and use their ability and advantages in real life to fulfill their dream.


Overall, I think this game is quite fun to play even for adults because you, as an adult will have time to reexperience the freedom of being a kid and build up things randomly which will help you to forget about reality for a short amount of time to enjoy!