The Pink Panther Road EDM Dancing




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I love this app so much!!! I'm a fan of music apps and was recently looking for a new app to pass the time, and this is it! It's called Dancing EDM Road for a reason, it's great to immerse yourself in rhythmic EDM music and run forward with speed. I would release all my stress and anxiety and just focus on the ball running forward. I just want to stay here and move forward endlessly with the music, it's addictive.


I really like the graphics of the game, the colors are bright but the design is simple, allowing the player to focus better on the music and the rolling balls. All you need to do is match the color of your ball and the obstacle you are about to hit. If you hit the same color, you will get points, otherwise, you will fail. These balls with the same color as your ball are like beautiful notes that you must chase to guide you all the way forward. Controlling this ball is also easy, you just need to move your finger left or right on the screen. This means that you can control the whole game with just one finger.


Awesome mechanics will bring you joy as you walk down the musical path. However, the game is not as easy as it seems, as the ball advances, the rhythm and the speed of the ball will gradually become faster. There are also different colored balls on the way to obstruct your progress, sometimes they will be very close to the ball you want to hit, and if you accidentally hit them, you will fail. And these obstructing your advancement of the ball is not in a fixed position, they will roll to a location you do not expect. So to complete the game you need not only smooth hand operation but also sensitive reaction ability.


Overall, as an action mini-game, it is not only enjoyable but also brings a challenge for the player and is a good choice to pass the time. If you are also a music lover and are looking for a music program, we recommend you to download it! It's time to start your musical journey and move on. At this moment you are completely free. You deserve this opportunity to have some fun and relax.