Super Mario Bros.
Mario and Luigi star in their first-ever Mushroom Kingdom adventure!




Nintendo 3DS / 2DS
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Let’s get into one of my all-time favorite games, Super Mario Bros. There are two plumber brothers Mario and Luigi take the adventure to the Mushroom Kingdom. The game goal is to go through different types of adventures and save the princess and defeat the King. This game is a famous game around the globe and it sells out so well that everyone around the names of Mario and his twin brother Luigi. They are always together in the Mario Series and this makes the game itself so iconic.


The game is a side-scrolling platformer that the character in the game will move from the left of your screen to the right and your final destination is always gonna have a red flag pole. The storylines are pretty straightforward but still amazingly well designed in so many ways. It might seem like a game from 50 years ago but there are newer versions of the original Super Mario Bros being released just to fulfill the wishes the fans have always had. It’s such an old game and this is always a great game that people think back on. It was such an “additive” game when it was released in 1985 and the legend still hasn’t faded away. The game has a tremendous effect on the whole game industry. This helped Niteinedo to step into the game industry and prepared for its future success in so many ways. It’s still fun to play the game even right now and as a big fan of the Nintendo and Mario series, this game is always gonna be an all-time legend in my eyes.


The audio settings and the background music are so great that people nowadays still use them in so many places. The gameplay is quite simple to understand. You go from left to right and choose to either jump on top of your enemies and kill them or just avoid them by jumping. And you will collect power-ups like a super mushroom because it’s still called a mushroom kingdom. What made the game even more fun is the ability to choose with your friends because you guys will have the chance to defeat the enemies together and enjoy the feeling of victory as a team. I still remember playing the game with my friends and we weren’t good at the game. So there was one challenge needs a lot of cooperation and communication that we couldn’t get through. We started over and over again just trying to figure out a way to pass the challenge. It took us hours to get through one simple task but we are so thrilled about it without being even a little bit overwhelmed and that’s what makes the game so great.


In future challenges and levels, enemies are quite diversified and the game gets harder and harder. The levels are well designed so that players won’t complain but will stick to the game and keep trying. The graphics in the game is basic but it’s awesome to see games from so many years ago have the ability to demonstrate details and animations super well.


Overall, this game is worth you trying at any time of your life and you won’t ever regret any moments at the game. If you played this game as a kid, I would recommend getting the newly published Game&Watch: Super Mario Bros. It’s like a new game tablet mainly focused on the consumers who have an interest in their old-time memories of the Super Mario Bros. This is a legendary game and marks an important place in the video game industry. I love the game and I always go back to the game because it’s so fun to play it.