SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures
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SpongeBob's Idle Adventures is a SpongeBob-themed casual simulation game for iOS and Android released by Kongregate on September 7, 2021. SpongeBob's Idle Adventures helps us relive our childhood. It has the strong vibe of the original SpongeBob SquarePants series. Even the character modules are astoundingly accurate. Players will not be disappointed that players can enjoy all the benefits of the show in one place. SpongeBob's Idle Adventures is a casual simulation game with a touch of strategy and planning. It allows players to travel to bikini bottoms and beyond with iconic characters from the SpongeBob TV series. Although the game is primarily based on collecting characters and automated locations from the series, it does offer an important story for SpongeBob fans.


Other characters in SpongeBob's Idle Adventures range in well-known main characters such as octopuses and plankton. The roster also includes alternate versions of some characters. Birthday SpongeBob SquarePants, for example, looks essentially the same as the game's titular character, except for the birthday hat. The existence of these alternate characters is explained in the main story of SpongeBob's Idle Adventures.


SpongeBob's Idle Adventures begins with SpongeBob and Patrick playing the vortex machine, an invention created by Sandy Cheeks on the SpongeBob TV show. In SpongeBob's Idle Adventures, however, the entire bikini bottoms are caught in the resulting disaster. Players will travel through different universes with familiar characters from the game while working towards the goal of returning to bikini bottoms. Rebuild the Vortex Machine by completing quests to move from one dimension to another and to level up your character to a higher level. Basically, players must build, level up, and get rewards. The more rewards players get, the more environments you can level up, which will help players earn more rewards. Players have many resources at their disposal, one of which is the need to replenish energy to upgrade the player's facilities. Overall, this game is very fun to play.


Completing a new dimension also earns rewards in the form of unlockable chests that can also be purchased from the in-game store for real-world currency, although SpongeBob's Idle Adventures itself is a free-to-play game. Premium currency can also be collected at a slower rate through normal gameplay. Right now, it's unclear how many different levels will be available to play, or how long it will take to clear the main story in SpongeBob's Idle Adventures, but the recurring formula for story progression should provide players with plenty of gameplay.


The graphics for SpongeBob's Idle Adventures aren't bad, and for the genre, it's visually appealing. The character module is also very good-looking, it is very similar to the show. It doesn't have complex animations, the only animations that happen are during upgrades and missions.


Overall, SpongeBob's Idle Adventures is fun and entertaining, but not unlike any other sim. But because of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme players will love it because it has the SpongeBob SquarePants theme. So, download it and go ahead and relive the good old days of SpongeBob SquarePants.