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Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic, published by SEGA, is a thrilling racing game with superbly beautiful color 2D graphics and fun sounds. The focus of the game is Sonic's mission to run at high speeds through levels ranging from springs, ramps, and holes to vertical ramps. These levels all contain lurking hazards and if you're not careful, you'll get trapped. Its mobile optimization will make your phone download very smooth and sound tight and nice, helping you to relieve stress and get the best moments of relaxation in the game.


Like many games, it has an interesting storyline in which Dr. Robotnik conspires to steal six Chaos Emeralds to harness their power. To carry out the plot, he traps the animal inhabitants of South Island in aggressive robots and metal pellets. The player's task is to control Sonic on his arduous and dangerous journey to save the poor animals and manually search for those rare Chaos Emeralds. After finding all the Chaos Emeralds and completing the game, the sequence will end and you will be declared the winner. However, if you don't collect enough Chaos Emeralds, the evil Dr. Robotnik will taunt you as he throws and catches any gems you don't collect.


As the superhero who saves the world, Sonic will have incredible abilities to fight your enemies. He can climb, fly, glide, and even jump to extraordinary heights. Spin Attack is Sonic's main attack; he will curl up like a ball and then quickly roll to touch enemies and certain obstacles to damage them and destroy them. This can also be done by jumping or rolling on the ground. You will soon realize that you must cross seven classic areas, each with its own style and unique enemies and obstacles, where speed is the challenge!


At the start of Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic, Sonic will have 3 lives, each of which will be lost when Sonic collides with any obstacle or enemy without a ring. If you run out of lives, your game will be over. Each level will give you a lot of gold rings, collect 100 rings and Sonic will have an extra life. When Sonic encounters any danger, the rings will be what protects him. If you have any of them when you collide with enemies or obstacles, all the rings will disappear. This will help if you stay away from all hazards, such as avoiding contact with spikes, falling into pits, or being crushed by walls. And after completing the different levels of the game from easy to hard, in the "final area" you must become Robotnik's machine - the villain behind the game. After completing the last mission, you will be the winner.


Although this is an action game with cute graphics and simple gameplay, it is not easy to be the final winner. You have to practice and have a smart strategy to get through. If you're a fan of Sonic and are looking for a challenging and fun game, Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic is a great choice!





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