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Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story is an awesome bubble shooter game published by Sony Pictures Television Games, inspired by the latest Smurfs animated film The Smurfs: The Lost Village. Smurfs Bubble Story is the first bubble shooter in this wildly popular series, and if you're a Smurfs fan or just looking for a top bubble shooter, I highly recommend you give it a try. If you grew up watching Smurfs, you'll miss playing this game. From Daddy Smurf to Smurfs, your favorite characters will appear. Collect them as you play through hundreds of levels in this bubble saga and choose one to be the protagonist.


Like the classic characters, the gameplay is also classic. If the player has played a bubble game before, this is like having the player play bubbles of the same color and let the bubbles fall out of the game window. Players have a limited number of moves, and players can also exchange bubbles on the sling. What makes it unique are the different objects the player needs to unleash and the power-ups that can be used. Also, the animations in the game are fun, especially when the player releases all the objects of the level. It doesn't matter if the player is unfamiliar with the mechanics of the bubble shooter game, as Smurfs Bubble Story already covers a whole set of tutorial-style content designed to teach the player the basics of the game. These tutorial levels will teach the toy everything they need to know to play the game, so when they're over, the player will be able to get through the level without any major trouble.


While the gameplay of Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story feels like a player's usual top-notch bubble shooter, it's worth pointing out that the game implements a variety of unique new gameplay features in the mix that add a lot to Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story. depth. Its core goal, of course, is to shoot bubbles. If the player can match at least three bubbles, the player's matching bubble will be removed from the play area. Each level usually has a goal to complete, and some moves to complete that goal. If the player can complete the objective within the given number of moves, the toy will be able to advance to the next level. But what sets him apart is that it comes with all kinds of special items not usually seen in bubble shooter games. There are a bunch of options in the game that keep filling up as the player matches the bubbles together, and once the potion is filled, the player can use it to get bonus effects. The potion-based power-up system is a unique system that gives players a very refreshing experience.


Visually, Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story has the same great art style that the series has always been known for. Its character design is just right, the bubbles in the game look crisp and very detailed, the animations and special effects are spectacular, and to tie everything together, the game has a bright and vibrant color palette that takes things to a whole new level. But the one downside is that players may encounter some technical difficulties. For example, the game sometimes freezes, which affects the overall experience. Although it doesn't happen often.


Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story is free to download. If players grew up watching cartoon series before, it has nostalgic characters that will bring players back to childhood. it's great. It will also be interesting for those who have seen the recent Smurfs movie. It has a simple gameplay and is easy to learn. Animations are also fun. While it may have ads, they are not annoying. Their frequency is fair. Considering it's a free-to-play game, the presence of ads is only fair. Additionally, while the game is free, it does have microtransactions through which players can earn in-game bonuses in exchange for real-world money. Overall, Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story is a top bubble shooter game inspired by the latest Smurfs movie. It is worth downloading by players.