Smurfs and the Magical Meadow
  • Developer:PopReach Incorporated
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  • Age: Rated for 3+
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Smurfs and the Magical Meadow is a town-building casual game from Beeline Interactive. In this game, the Smurfs discover a rare and wonderful magical meadow in the forest. Since there is no better place for Smurfs than the Magical Meadow, Papa Smurf collects all the Smurfs and moves them to the magical new land. Exciting adventures await the Smurfs as they rebuild their village in new and amazing ways. Players can plant crops, build houses and other buildings, and complete quests. This is the first Smurf in 3D graphics Beeline Smurf game.


This game is similar to Smurf village, you need to build a town for your Smurf partner to live in, while also assigning them to tasks such as farming and fishing. Players need to complete Papa Smurf's tasks. Players need to grow crops, buy things, place items, and once players complete these tasks, they will be rewarded with XP and various resources. Players can also skip tasks by paying for magic acorns (similar to the blueberries in the Smurf Village game).



Sod and plant as many crops as you can, as they are your primary means of survival. Crops can be sold for cash, and they are needed for certain tasks. A bumper crop is your best way to get a lot of resources and wealth. There is a crop calendar that allows players to earn more when they plant the right crops at the right time. The crop calendar is in the town square. See what rewards can be earned for planting and harvesting specific fruits, vegetables and flowers that day. They can also be used to help fish for rare items from the village's mystery pool.



Players can have many Smurf, such as Smurfette, Hefty, Papa, Brainy, Handy, and so on. They are very useful because they can lift the limit of purchase and increase the time to build, plant, and collect resources. In addition, by using resources to upgrade their huts you can speed up boosts and unlock more things. Magic Acorns are an important resource in the game, they are not easy to get in Smurfs and the Magical Meadow, but sometimes you can get them as a bonus, and of course, you can buy them through in-app purchases.



The Mystery Pool is an important part of Smurfs and the Magical Meadow, and you can set your Smurf to one of several tasks, each of which takes up a different amount of time. These jobs earn you experience, gold, and most importantly, access to the tools needed for upgrades and other tasks. However, your chances of finding tools in the Mystery Pool are low unless you increase your luck by offering crops before starting your chosen task. This is a great way to use your harvest, especially since you can only store a limited number of items in your warehouse.


If you're a big fan of the Smurfs and are looking for a fun way to spend your time, maybe even a few dollars here and there, then Smurfs and the Magical Meadow is where you should go.