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Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen is an educational app released by Sesame Workshop on July 21, 2020. It is essential for teaching early literacy skills and for beginning word decoding and recognition. It turns kids learning vowels and new vocabulary into a fun-filled cookie-making experience. By making alphabet cookies and decorating them in the kitchen, Elmo chefs help kids learn vowels. The app creates words by mixing letter combinations, and friends from Sesame Street can help your kids "bake" letter words into delicious cookies. Plus, kids can color cookies, take pictures of their creations, "eat" them, or share them with Cookie Monster and Elmo.


The way Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen learns vowels and new vocabulary focus on three- and four-letter word combinations, building vocabulary and phonics skills. It can be played using the vowels in the Tiggly Words collection, or by tapping the letters on the screen. Children can choose to take pictures and add them to a frame that hangs on the wall of the Cookie Monster kitchen, so Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen requests access to the camera but does not ask the child to provide any personal information. Cookie Monster bakes cookies with an alphabet cookie cutter in the Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen. Children first help words by choosing a vowel to complete the word. Then they mix letters, add icing color, and see the word bake cookies. Whether it's the shape of a word or an image that shows the meaning of the word. Once they came up with four related words, the kids could "eat" them or feed them to the Cookie Monster, who praised them for sharing. To add to the fun, kids can add pictures of themselves to the kitchen wall, and they can check out an art gallery of words they've baked. Many children will be delighted and intrigued when it comes to the art of taking pictures.


As expected from Sesame Workshop, the quality, educational value, and attention to detail of this app are top-notch. The option to use the Tiggly Words manipulation tools adds some fun and depth to the event, but it's still completely playable without them. Additionally, the grammar of Cookie Monster in the app may have some people concerned that its dropped word endings and misuse of "I" as the subject might reinforce poor language skills in games designed to teach words. These words become more challenging as the child progresses, changing from three-letter words to consonant-mixed and four-letter words. Kids will love customizing the icing colors or adding their photos to the wall to keep kids engaged without distracting them from the text.


All in all, in the Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen, children learn letter recognition, letter pronunciation, word mixing, vocabulary building, and further language, reading, phonics, vocabulary, thinking and reasoning, and creativity. But the Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen isn't just for kids, it's for parents too. It's doubly fun when parents play with their kids and watch them discover the joy of learning. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen raises the bar in early childhood education. This is something that most applications aspire to but rarely achieve. Sesame Workshop makes learning fun! Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen is the go-to app for education and learning, and we want every child to have the opportunity to play. The decision to get it was an instant. It supports Android and iOS systems. Download it now from Google Play and Apple Store. Currently, the Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen app is available in stores in a lite version. To unlock all available content and features, users can download this lite version with a one-time in-app purchase for $2.99.