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Sesame Street is a free official Sesame Street app for Android and iOS published by Sesame Workshop. Users can watch videos and play fun educational games in a kid-safe, ad-free environment. The videos and games in Sesame Street are designed to teach your child school readiness skills while fulfilling Sesame Workshop's mission to help children become smarter, stronger, and kinder.


There are many features and benefits of Sesame Street. First, users get instant access to unlimited Sesame Street videos and games, all for free. Second, it has a kid-friendly interface suitable for kids of all ages, allowing them to play carefree. Third, users can easily create a free account to save their favorites for later use. Fourth, the app enables users to log into the app or website from any device to access their favorites. Fifth, users can access your recent viewing and playback history at any time. And provide related videos for users' reference. Sixth, users can filter by personality or area of study, including emotional development, literacy, math, science, and more. Seventh, this is a very important point for parents, please rest assured that Sesame Street is always child-safe and advertising-free.


Sesame Street's free account gives users access to a large collection of games as well as new and ad-free classics. Video clips from TV shows. The home screen offers some featured videos and games. Below it, large icons link to other videos organized by topics, such as ABC and songs, and by favorite characters, including Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, Elmo, and more. There are hundreds of Sesame Street songs and videos on Sesame Street, meanwhile, the app features Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and more furry friends. This would be perfect for Sesame Street fans and appeal to all the kids.


Users can create a free account to save their favorites for easy repeat viewing. Users can search by opening the navigation toolbar in the upper left corner, revisit saved Favorites or view what your child is watching in the Dashboard feature, and then choose what to watch or play next.


A particularly noteworthy feature of Sesame Street is the ability to filter videos by character or learning area, with the ability to browse by learning area categories including literacy, logic and reasoning, math, arts, emotional development, health, science, and social development. Sesame Street is a very useful tool for adults looking for quality content to support their children in developing specific skills or knowledge.


The games in Sesame Street are all simple and have clear instructions, and there's a wide variety of them. While some games are a little glitchy or not functioning at all, I think future updates to the app will improve the usability of the game. After a user watches any video, related videos are listed for viewing. Overall, the number and variety of games and videos accessed through Sesame Street will impress users and children alike, with hours of high-quality learning and entertainment at their fingertips, which is convenient, fun, and rewarding. significance.


Who doesn't love Sesame Street? Sesame Street is very nice. It teaches kids how to behave and the tools they need to grow. The videos and games in Sesame Street are designed to teach your child school preparation skills. Its games are fun, simple, and kid-friendly, especially because of the well-known Sesame Street characters. Sesame Street helps children learn more and make them smarter and kinder. As an official Sesame Street program, it doesn't force you to watch ads or download anything else. I highly recommend this educational app to every parent and Sesame Street fan who loves their kids. Go to the Google Store or Apple Store to download it now.