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Peppa Pig: Holiday is a Peppa-themed educational mobile game published by Entertainment One. Since its launch, it has become a top 10 home app in 29 countries.


When you think of vacations, you think of things like family, play, joy, and laughter. When you think of Peppa Pig, you think of the same thing. Peppa is a cute, lively little pig who lives with her brother George, Mummy, and Daddy Pig. Page's favorite things include playing games, dressing up, hanging out, and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end with a loud laugh.


In Peppa Pig: Holiday, players follow Peppa and her family on vacation, from the airport to the pool and the beach. It offers the usual format of several simple but very entertaining mini-games and is also the first Peppa Pig app to offer video content of the show, players will love the Sky High music video, which always keeps players entertained.


Peppa Pig: Holiday has many mini-games. First, there is this game at the airport. Peppa and her family are checking in at the airport, and players need help loading the correct amount of luggage on the conveyor belt. Make sure you put the correct item in each bag when going through the X-ray machine. A child will likely enjoy this simple matching game if he ever sees luggage going through an X-ray machine while traveling. The second mini-game is Let's go to the beach. Peppa and George are getting ready for the beach, and players need to help them pick out swimsuits and beach toys. Don't forget to put sunscreen on Peppa. The third mini-game is ice cream. This lets the player make some ice cream for Peppa and her family. Players need to be creative and make delicious ice cream for toys. The fourth game is a swimming competition. Peppa and her family prepare to play in the pool. Players can enjoy the game in single and multiplayer mode and help your Paige win the game. It's fun if players want to get a little competitive. The fifth game is let's make pizza. The family visited Country Cafe. Players help Peppa's family make pizza from scratch. Players should remember to roll out the dough and prepare the toppings before putting it in the oven. In addition to the game's video content, players can click Play on the menu screen to watch Sky High songs in full-screen mode. Additionally, there is a postcard sticker book in Peppa Pig: Holiday, where players can collect virtual stickers throughout the game and arrange them on four colorful postcard backgrounds.


Peppa Pig: Holiday is suitable for kids ages 2 and 7. Each player can have their own profile to record the progress of their activities in Peppa Pig: Holiday, which is also very useful for teachers or parents if they want to use Peppa Pig with more than one student or child: Holiday. Each player's profile has five holiday-themed activities that Paige and her family do while on vacation.


Peppa Pig: Holiday instantly became a top-selling app on the Google Play and Apple Store, and I have to say, it's well-deserved. But it's not free. Players pay £2.99 to download it, and while it sounds expensive, it's worth the price, and it's worth downloading whether you're a Peppa fan or not because Peppa Pig: Holiday has so many exciting and rewarding games to play. Peppa Pig: Holiday supports iOS and android system, don't hesitate, it will exercise your child's brain and bring him the joy of playing with Peppa Pig. Download it now.