Papa's Wingeria To Go!
Saucy wings and things!
  • Developer:Flipline Studios
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  • Age: Rated for 4+
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There are pros and cons of the game of Papa’s Wingeria To Go! It’s always fun to play this game especially when you are young because these types of arranging a restaurant and making food are the childhood. It’s nostalgic and people will have a higher tendency to do things that are related to their past as well. Despite the fact of nostalgic feeling, the game itself is great but most definitely can be improved for different places.


One of the features I love the most about the game is that it doesn’t require you to have internet access to play the game. There are so many games whether they are single players or multi-players, they always require the internet to have access to them. It’s super difficult to find any games for me to play when there are no signals on the train or the airplane. There are also times when there is no signal and all I can do is stare at my phone and do nothing at the same time because every game on my phone seems to ask for the internet. So it’s great news that Papa’s Wingeria To Go! doesn’t ask you for network access. I can always enjoy this game whenever and where ever I want to as long as I still have batteries left.


Sometimes you will get a lot of orders from your customers from time to time and it would be confusing at first if you are not good at multi-tasking, it would be frustrating and end up delivering the wrong order. It might be boring and full of repeating in the long run. This is one of the famous games from 2012 with Flash player but you can try it out on your cell phone which is amazing. You will be asked to provide burgers or burritos or whatever your customers ask. The game starts with simple lives the characters in the game are having just like those simple lives we all living in. WIth knocking at the door, they will get up from the couch and say hi to the ultimate Papa Louie. The character will think that they’ve won lotteries to take the quick tour around the starlight city but that’s just how Papa Louie asks them to work at the restaurant. Those intro storylines of the game are always straightforward and I always like them a lot because of how creative and interesting they are. In the game, you can play as Chuck or Mandi but it’s totally your choice or you can always choose to customize your character. Different clothes and decorations on your character will bring the characteristics out of them as part of the restaurant. Also like always, you can decorate your restaurant as much as you want it to be or just set the scene into some theme that you like. It’s like a meaningful restaurant game so it’s not that hard for you to prepare food and delivery the food orders to the right person under certain time management if you are good at multitasking.

To conclude, this game will lead you into a wonderful world where you can make your own decisions and make sure your customers are satisfied with your service. As someone who has been a part of the service industry, I can tell you the variety of different types of customers is completely accurate and the game makes me feel related. Anyhow, this game is something you would want to spend a decent amount of time on to make progress and track the overall process along the way.