Papa's Sushiria To Go!
Roll, slice, and serve sushi
  • Developer:Flipline Studios
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  • Age: Rated for 4+
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Reviewed by Eric, prohibit reproduction without permission.

Papa’s Sushiria to Go! is a good game that you can probably tell what the game contents are from its name already. Sushiria is alike sushi and it’s a Japanese culture-related topic game. To Go is a simple term that each of you probably hears millions of times each day if you work at a restaurant. People sometimes take their food to go to eat somewhere else either at home or at some other places. So the game will ask you to work at a Sushi restaurant which I never imagine I will be doing in real-life. But as the boss/ waitress of the restaurant, you will get to experience the newest version of Flipline Studios' published generation of working at a Sushi RestauraNt.


The features and graphics of the game are great with a lot to see. You will be able to play the game no matter whomever you want to be and you can choose to make your character since it’s custom-designed. I love this feature because I don’t want to be limited to just certain selections that the game offers. It’s always nice to see games that offer more flexibility according to what players need and the game definitely did a wonderful job of opening up the options. So based on the storyline, you are forced to work at the restaurant because you broke Papa Louie’s favorite cat statue. I think the company did a great job of portraying the Japanese culture through every little move because cat statues are always something you will pay attention to in Japanese culture.


Okay, so the game asks you to work exactly like the manager and servers in real-world restaurants. You will have to take the order and make rice and make the according to sushi like what the consumers want. You can upgrade your restaurant by spending the money you earn. I have never worked in a restaurant ever before but I’m surprised to see how the game shows us the basic function of a real-life restaurant would work and your goal is always to make your customers happy with your service. It’s fun to work at the sushi place and taking orders is relatively easy. This reminds me of the knockoff game I used to play. It’s similar because you will have to host the guest but in that game, you are majority role is as the waiter. So in the game, you will have to make sure everyone is fed at a certain limited time and everyone only has a certain amount of waiting time so it might be wise to get them the seats in accordingly. If someone didn’t get a table or simply didn’t get the service, it’s no good and they will leave a bad review. In the game of Papa’s Sushiria To Go! game, you even be able to cook and listen to what exactly your customers need and you will have to be prepared with all the ingredients and to cook the right rice for instance. It’s like the same procedure to make real-life sushi but this time, you will be working at a restaurant. There are at least 150 different kinds of ingredients that you will get to use from time to time. It’s always interesting to see your restaurant go uphill after you carefully take care of the customers where you will have more things to make for the customers.


Overall, this is a game all sushi lovers should go for and this is always a game for someone who wants to own a restaurant in their future endeavors. It's a fun and exciting game!