Papa's Scooperia To Go!
Cookies and Ice Cream!
  • Developer:Flipline Studios
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  • Age: Rated for 4+
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There is a lot to see at the game of Papa’s Scooperia To Go! from the Flipline Studio. The To Go! Series has always been my favorite game series and in this game, you are someone who lost we fortune in a big city. Your money and wallet are somehow gone but Papa Louie is always there to help you like always. That’s probably the reason why Louie, the character, exists from generation to generation. And you will be working and managing one of the new ice cream shops.


In the game, you have chances to bake cookies or make delicious ice cream. This To Go! The Series made me feel in love simply because of how many different things you can try at different generations. There is the food you can make around the globe and totally from different cultures. And each time storyline is different and the background settings are also quite different from one another. Those kinds of creativity and new ideas make the game feel refreshing even if you played the other generations.


Okay, also the game has all those your favorite features from the previous generation and the developers spend quite a lot of time on the game designs and the overall gameplay experience. It’s always nice while you are trying to get sundae done and making cookies using batches of starch to make the perfect taste and shape cookies. I never tried to bake cookies in my life but it’s fun and exciting to see that I’m gifted enough to do everything just like the real-life procedure in a video game. That’s why I love the game so much because it’s giving me something that I never tried in my life and it’s so lively which almost makes me feel like I’m working at an ice cream shop. Anyway, while the customers start liking your ice cream or your sundae, they will start to buy more things of different kinds. You might be making better sundaes or more cookies as long as your customers are still satisfied with your service.


There is that one feature captures my eye is how the game changes themes and celebrates holidays. There will be different unlockable ice creams or new tastes for different seasons or different occasions. This feature makes the game freer of choice and it will help the developers to save those losing players because I think fans would love to see different things happening over time. The customization of your character is still something that I’m obsessed with in the game because I am always able to use my creativity and imagination to build the ice cream shop worker that’s on my mind. The game also contains real-life scenarios where the customers make orders on their phones and you will have delivery drivers to get the orders to their places.


A feature that kids will love the most is the collecting stickers feature where you can collect stickers while finishing up different missions or milestones. Those are great proof of how much you’ve accomplished in the game. Those colorful and shiny stickers will also give the customers new clothing for a refreshing new outlook. The game is amazing for different age players and this is not the first time I’ve played the To Go! Series but I still feel like I’ve never played it before. Those new elements and those new features make the ideology smart and playable over time. I would recommend you give this game a shot even if you are not the biggest fan of making ice cream, so give it a go before it's too late!