Papa's Pancakeria To Go!
Serve breakfast on the go in Papa's Pancakeria To Go!
  • Developer:Flipline Studios
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  • Age: Rated for 4+
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Papa's Pancakeria To Go! is a strategy time management game officially released by Flipline Studios on October 29, 2018. In the game, the player's pet is found by Papa Louie in the pancake shop after being lost. Since the player's pet likes this pancake shop very much, Papa Louie decides to let the player help him run the restaurant.


In Papa's Pancakeria To Go, players need to run the pancake shop with care. Because players are responsible for their customers and constantly process their orders. Papa's Pancakeria serves up treats such as golden waffles, hot French toast, fluffy pancakes, and a variety of drinks. When players make delicious pancakes for their customers, they need to carefully pour the batter onto the baking sheet, and then add some mixture to the batter. Players need to keep checking that the batter turns into a pancake, then flip the pancake to the other side until it's done. Next, players will place pancakes on a plate and sprinkle them with syrup and different toppings. Finally, serve a delicious drink to customers' pancake sets and serve them to anxious and hungry customers. If the customer does not come to the store but places the order over the phone, the player needs to use the hired driver to deliver the delicious food to the customer's home.


At the beginning of the Papa's Pancakeria To Go game, players will see a game guide to help them understand the basics they need to know about managing a restaurant and making gourmet meals. After entering the game, in addition to facing customers and running a restaurant, players also must deal with three stations to make delicious pancakes and drinks. They are the ordering station, the grilling station, and the topping station. Players will find that their customers are not only fussy about the food they order but also in a hurry. Players need to make pancakes according to customers' specifications at the barbecue station. Players must spread the toppings as evenly as possible on the pancake and cannot do it arbitrarily. Because players must ensure that their customers are satisfied with the order. Because customer tips determine whether the player's restaurant can be upgraded and improved smoothly and make the player's business easier and more profitable.


In addition to making delicious food for customers, after each working day, players could play some mini-games by spending golden tickets. This way players will have the opportunity to earn more cash or prizes, for example, by playing Foodini's famous mini-games, players will have the opportunity to win new furniture for their restaurant or new work uniforms for their employees. The game also allows players to customize their staff and pets, for example, players can play as Cooper and find his lost cat Cookie. Players can also make restaurant holidays more unique. Players can provide their staff with a variety of holiday outfits to showcase the restaurant's holiday specialties. The choice of these clothes is entirely up to the players themselves to choose and combine. Players can also use the earned money to decorate the store to buy themed furniture and decorative items. Players are free to mix and match their favorite furniture styles or add furniture that matches the current style and environment. If dressed up, the player's customers may not mind waiting longer for food.


Papa's series of games is not unfamiliar to many players, and even some players are impressed. In Papa's Pancakeria, the game's development team has kept the core gameplay that players love from Papa's series and added new and interesting ways and elements to polish and improve it. While the basic gameplay and mini-games are simple enough, players want to keep playing. The visual style of the game is as vibrant and colorful as the rest of the games in the series. It can be said that Papa's Pancakeria To Go! is a great high-quality game. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to play time management games about running a restaurant and making food.