Papa's Cluckeria To Go!
Chicken Sandwiches and Slushes




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If you are a cook in real life, you will realize how much trouble you will have to go through to make a meal. All those ingredients and the hours of chopping things into pieces are a long and tiring process. It takes time to cook and most definitely not everyone enjoys the same meat or the same kind of food. Papa’s Cluckeria To go! is one of the newest generations of games that were published by Flipline Studios where you are required to make chicken sandwiches with different sauces. Everything is so exciting about this game.


The basic function of the game is simple enough just like all the generations of the To Go! Series. You will have to go through 4 different spots to make your final delivery to fulfill the progress at the order station, the fry station, the build station, and the slushie station. So in the game, you will be taking the customer’s order details imprinted to the ticket at the order station just like in real life where people order stuff online or on the phone and the receptionist jogs them down and report the details of the orders to the cook. The second step is my favorite because you will be able to cook for yourself. If you are a young player or a kid playing this game, you will have to see how fun and at the same time how hard it is to cook. Even if you are an adult who doesn’t cook a lot, you will also be granted the chance to see what’s cooking exactly. If you are a fan of cooking delicious food, this game will undoubtedly make you jump out of your bed and get your spatula to cook! Okay, you might be wondering then what’s build station for.


It’s straightforward because you will be packing everything up and giving toppings as what the customers prefer. Then you will take the finished product and take it to the Slushie station where you make the slushie. The game is more fun than I made it sounds and please hear me out. The storylines might be contrary to what you think, but it’s great and not lame at all. Because normally people would use the stereotypical thoughts on the restaurant's game for simply just making food and delivering food without the core storyline. This game is set to place in a place called Oilseed springs which reminds me of a place in California, Palm Springs. I guess the developers could take the Palm spring as the guideline for naming places in this game. The ghost town where the story is set is a place with so many resources but not that much competition which makes it great for business. But what Papa Louie didn’t realize soon enough is that there are rivalries between restaurants in Oilseed spring as well. So your main focus is not just to make the customers fulfill but also to make sure your restaurant beats the other rivalries to survive in the market. It’s also always nice to see the same old character Papa Louie from To Go! Series which make me feel welcome.


I think the storyline of competing with others brightens the game to be better and so far I love this set because it reminds me how hard it is to stay in the business of restaurants. It’s quite challenging and you will have to be able to multi-task in this game which makes the game relatively more stressful but more realistic but also more fun personally speaking. I would recommend you to try out this game as an owner of the restaurant and beat your rivalries and win the pride of succeeding.