Papa's Bakeria To Go!
Bake perfect pies
  • Developer:Flipline Studios
  • Game file size:Varies with device
  • Age: Rated for 4+
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There are all types of games that are often published throughout the years. The mobility and the universal of cell phones make the game industry one of the main industries in the years of entertainment. Papa’s Bakeria To Go! is one of the games that’s published by the Flipline Studio like all the other generations.


The game settings and storylines are still amusing as always. At this time, while missing your dream job, Papa Louie who is the character that’s always gonna be there through generations will be your life savior once again to help you to get a job to work at the Whisview Mall new restaurant. This bakery will have everything you will ever need to see in real-life bakeries and the pieces of bread and biscuits made by this fine restaurant or you would prefer the bakery. You will have to get your picky customers to get on the same boat with you and sell out to make living for yourself. The game doesn’t cost a lot of money and this makes me feel Like money is well spent. The game is only like 3 dollars if to be specific 2.99 dollars so it’s not that much. Even kids or teenagers can buy this game from their phones spending a small portion of their allowance to have the ultimate game experience.


I’m not someone who often spends money on mobile apps, but this game is one of the best matching price video games that I’ve seen in the market that is worth every penny. I love video games and the graphics and smart designs Papa’s Bakeria To Go! captures my attention and I most definitely enjoy every second that I spend on this game. One of the other things worth noticing about the To-Go series is that I used to only realize that I can play this game on my phone. But after some time researching the Papa Louie series I realized people used to play the games on their PCs. It’s bigger and clearer and playing it on PCs or laptops is still an amazing experience because everything feels less crowded I love video games more than video games on mobile devices which is just a personal preference. It’s a relaxing, easy and cheap game that’s for the family. My sister is not the biggest fan of video games, but she told me how she loves this game because it’s so chill and awesome to own a bakery which she couldn’t do in real life. Anyway, it could be a flaw in somebody's eyes that the game takes a relatively long time for you to put on toppings or vanilla on your products which takes patience.


This is also a game that will bring back your oldest memories of when you were a kid playing around pretending to be someone you are not. These types of heartwarming and cool games make me feel like I’ve relived my childhood and this feeling is just great. Papa’s Bakeria To Go! is one of the best Papa Louie’s best sequels in my opinion. I wasn’t quite sure how fun it would be to virtually cook on my phone, but after I tried the Papa Louie’s dining Series, I just fell for the games. Those decorations and different characteristics of characters added more charm to the game and those recipes from the game inspires me to spend more time in the kitchen as well.


Overall, this game is so great that I believe players will enjoy their moments in the game to achieve the ultimate cooking career and simply just have tons of fun!