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My Talking Tom Friends is a virtual pet-like role-playing game published by Outfit7 LimitedCasual, which was released on Feb 13, 2020, in some countries, and on June 11, 2020, globally. My Talking Tom Friends attracted more than 50 million downloads in its first 30 days on the Google Play Store. It was the third most downloaded Android app in June 2020, after WhatsApp and TikTok.

My Talking Tom Friends gives players a way to improve their pet owner skills, this game guide will help you understand the basics of the new simulation, you'll see Talking Tom move in with his friends, you Will see them play games, eat their favorite meals, and get enough sleep. It's a minimalistic Sims or Animal Crossing-like experience, and it's for those who prefer a more laid-back experience. Your main concern here is the health and well-being of your pet, although of course there are some in-game actions like hitting Tom on the head with a plastic mallet to treat dizziness.

If you are a parent, I suggest that you definitely play this game with your child. My Talking Tom Friends will bring a lot of fun things to you and your kids. For example, he can play football. He can go to the bathroom by himself. He can even drive talking Angela to the store to buy her favorite food and other fun things like microphones, party dresses, pizza, etc. Talking Tom is really smart. Trust me he always makes your kid laugh. Your kids may even have the chance to play soccer with Talking Tom. Talking Tom is really thoughtful and flexible as a goalkeeper. Your child can kick the football into the goal as hard as possible without thinking that the flying football might hurt Tom. Your kids can try to make Talking Tom more stylish and cooler. For example, you can put purple glasses on him. You can turn an ordinary football into a burning football. If you want to try something a little more challenging, you can opt for moving soccer goals. Talking Tom is really good at playing football. So, you don't need to worry that he won't work perfectly with you.

If you are officially a player, you should join a party hosted by My Talking Tom Friends and his friends. You will meet many familiar characters. All the episodes are very interesting. Talking Tom will love to play some video games with you. There are several video games you can share together, including Dancing Berry, Guitar Master, Sky Skate, Busy Bug, and Snake and Ladder. You will have the opportunity to participate in different activities in different mini-games. Actually, it's not that hard to play these mini-games. If you like music, you can try Guitar Master with Tom Cat. There are many audio tracks available. You just need to press a few buttons of different colors. You can have more buttons pressed together at one time. You just need to use your hands to complete the entire soundtrack. Sky skating is really exciting. You can fly in the sky with your favorite skateboard. The problem is, he can't hit any obstacles, including those hanging planks and firebirds. Once he or she hits any of these obstacles, it's game over. At the end of each game, you will be rewarded with generous cash. With cash, you can buy more items for Talking Tom in the store.

So, unlike other similar Talking Tom series games, My Talking Tom Friends includes more content and creative activities. So, you won't get bored after playing for a while. There is always something new to try here. So, what are you waiting for? It's time for you to enter Tom's world and do a lot of fun things together.