My Talking Tom
  • Developer:Outfit7 Limited
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  • Age: Rated for 3+
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My Talking Tom is a virtual pet app released by Slovenian studio Outfit7 in November 2013. Every child wants to have a pet, but not every child can have his or her own pet. That's why virtual pet games have become one of the most popular games for kids. my Talking Tom not only continues the classic gameplay of the same series but also adds many new elements. And the funny graphics and sounds in the game are excellent so that every child can laugh in front of the screen. Everyone with kids should understand how hard it is to keep a kid quiet in the supermarket or on a road trip, and My Talking Tom is the app that can help you.


When you start playing My Talking Tom, there will be a short tutorial to let you know what to do. You can choose to skip it and just start playing. This tutorial will give you a taste of what you will be doing with your virtual pet cat. This includes feeding your cat, taking them to the bathroom to go potty or clean, and tucking them into bed. After completing this tutorial, you will have the option to change the cat's name or stick with Tom. You can change it at any time. To find out how to handle your virtual pet, note the four scales available, such as happiness, hunger, hygiene, and energy. When you see them half-empty, it means you need to fill them up as soon as possible to keep Tom happy.


As a virtual pet, in addition to taking care of him, feeding him, bathing him, etc., you have to keep him entertained and help him explore his world to help him grow from a baby kitten to an adult male cat. You can interact with him in different ways, such as hitting his head, he will pretend to be hit and faint even if he is hit continuously; touching his belly, he will snore; hitting his belly, he will pretend his belly hurts; scratching his tail, he will get angry; poking his feet, he will grab them and make painful sounds. Tom can repeat words spoken into the device's microphone for up to 25 seconds using a synthetic voice, which is the funniest part of the game, and you'll often be amused by it.


In addition to taking care of your pet, you can also play a variety of mini-games including Goal, Brick Blast, Jigsaw Puzzles, and more. Using in-game currency, you can purchase a variety of different outfits, skins, and accessories to dress up and customize Tom. You can use your virtual pet for customization, such as a set of clothes. You can also customize and decorate Tom's house to make it more fun and exciting for him. Also worth mentioning is the option to visit Tom's friends or travel around the world through in-app purchases, in-game currency, or by logging into Facebook.


Overall, I think this is a great virtual pet app for kids. I can guarantee that every kid will find fun and quiet in this app. But for adults, this app won't keep you for long, because the gameplay is very repetitive and it won't take long to get bored. Other than that it's a great app and I recommend anyone with kids to download it, your kids will love it!