Minecraft Sticker Pack
Only for iMessage
  • Developer:Mojang AB
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  • Age: 9+
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iOS   $1.99
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Minecraft Sticker Pack is a sticker-friendly app published by Mojang. It can be used in iMessages or put into photos and combined in novel ways. This way, users can chat with their friends on their phones using Minecraft-themed animated stickers.


The Minecraft Sticker Pack has more than 25 stickers for users to choose from. Users can insert stickers of Alex and Steve ready to fight, sad ghasts, Alex nodding and trotting ocelots, and even a cute pig in a minecart, into their phone messages. The Minecraft Sticker Pack is appropriately varied and imaginative, just like the game this sticker-like app is based on.


In addition to the aforementioned Alex, Steve, the sad ghost, and the pig in the minecart, the main stickers included in the Minecraft Sticker Pack are the disgruntled creeper, exploding TNT, rejected iron golem, a diamond, burning Skeletons, Magic Diamond Sword, Zombie Knock, Cute Pet Wolf, Animal Taming Heart, Diamond Helmet, Hate Enderman, Pickaxe, Alex with Elytra, Health Bar Reduction, Potions, Cake Eaten, etc. series.


When using the Minecraft Sticker Pack, the user just needs to open the message and select the conversation. Then, tap the App Store for the iMessage icon next to the compose field. From here, users can view installed iMessage apps. This includes any stickers they have. Users need to tap the sticker they want to add to the conversation. If users want to place the sticker on a photo, video, or other stickers, they just touch and hold and drag it to where they want it on the screen. Additionally, users can use pinch or swipe gestures to resize and rotate the sticker before releasing it. It's all very easy and convenient.


Minecraft Sticker Pack has users' favorite characters. It will make chats between users and friends livelier and more interesting and can even lift each other's moods. These stickers help quickly convey their emotions from a distance. It's an easy way to add stickers to users' smartphones, and then they'll find that communication has never been more enjoyable and convenient.


Users will find that the Minecraft Sticker Pack has distinct and excellent advantages. First of all, it's only $1.99, and although it's not free, users will understand that it's definitely worth the money, and you can send your friends an enchanted diamond sword for a low price. This value is irreplaceable. Second, the Minecraft Sticker Pack has a large and frequently updated catalog of stickers. Users can get a steady stream of novel content. Third, the unique stickers it has. This is not available in other applications. Fourth, its system allows users to easily navigate categories. Fifth, its interface is clean and easy to operate. Users can add stickers with one click. Sixth, users will definitely find their favorite characters and shapes in it to express their attitudes and moods to their friends. Seventh, this is an app that makes it easy to share stickers with friends. Users can even add stickers sent by other interlocutors to their own apps.


Overall, Minecraft is particularly popular among young gamers and sticker lovers. If users want to impress their friends or family who love Minecraft, this app is the ideal sticker pack choice. So, download it now. Included in this app are Minecraft creations for every occasion. Users will spice up conversations with these animated Minecraft stickers. Exactly what style of stickers is needed for any occasion requires us to open our imaginations. Interested users can download the Minecraft Sticker Pack from the Apple Store for only $1.99, and happiness will come to our lives. Trust me, anyone who has used it will love it.