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Masha and the Bear: Salon Game is a role-playing game published by HIPPO KIDS GAMES for Android and iOS. Masha and the Bear is one of the most popular children's shows in the world. In fact, an episode of the show has more than a billion views on YouTube, making it one of the most viewed videos of all time. Masha and the Bear: Salon Game is a fun app where players can brush and style Masha's hair and give her other beauty treatments. Players can learn how to make up and take care of themselves with Masha. Create stylish styles for characters from your favorite cartoon Masha and the Bear.


Masha is one of the most beautiful and incredible little animated characters. Naughty Masha is growing up, it's time for players to learn how to be beautiful together. Players do a hairstyle, make a mask, choose eye shadow, powder, and lipstick. Right before your eyes, Martha turns into a real beauty from the glossy magazine "VOGZALLE". Players can also add some accessories and choose clothes. Masha and the Bear: Salon Game is a special game that gives the player the opportunity to use the mouse to help her become so awesome and amazing.


Masha and the Bear: Salon Game is fun where players can brush and style Masha's hair and give her other beauty treatments. At the beginning of the game, Masha is a little messy. First, the player cleans her face. At first, it may seem a little complicated, but soon the player will know that all the player must do is follow the steps laid out for you to complete the process. Just like in a real salon, Masha and the Bear: Salon Game provides players with all the tools they need to perform various treatments. All the players must do is drag the element to the area where they want to use it, whether it's lathering, rinsing, staining, washing, grooming or makeup. In this case, the player first treats Masha's face and then her hair. Regardless of the task at hand, players can always perform it by swiping up and down or left and right. Players will never get bored, here are the cutest cartoon characters, 3 characters besides Masha: Squirrel, Piggy named Rosie and Lady Bear. The features of the game are also very distinctive. The game also features original voiceovers from the cartoon as well as Martha's favorite phrases. In addition to quests, players can apply makeup by pattern or in free mode, as well as take care of animals, giving them new hairstyles. This fun hairdressing game includes 5 fun development mini-games and several exciting game modes. Players can continue to upgrade, choose accessories and so on in the game.


In Masha and the Bear: Salon Game, players choose their preferred style. For example, it is delicate and natural, rigorous, and accurate, or it may be arrogant and rebellious. Only in this game can Martha try them all. Players need to progress through levels, unlocking new palettes and tools, exploring new styles, and earning rewards. In addition to pattern tasks, the game also has a free makeup mode, where any girl can try to be her own stylist and create her own look for Masha. And, of course, to dress up, and her animal friends. In Masha and the Bear: Salon Game, children can not only choose new styles for Masha, but also for her friends, 3 characters other than Masha, Ms. Bear, a pig named Rosie, and a squirrel. Animals in the woods also want beauty, which means they need to be extra careful. Leprechauns keep their fur clean, choose hairstyles and accessories, and even wear makeup for them.


Masha and the Bear: Salon Game is a very fun educational game designed to keep kids entertained while thinking creatively and doing beauty treatments on Masha. Martha will be a fashion girl's best girlfriend and a wizard in the fashion and beauty world. She will answer many questions that will interest every girl. Players will learn to apply tones correctly, learn to coordinate eyeshadow color with lipstick and learn how to choose accessories. This game is not only great entertainment for a long time but also the first textbook for girls in the fashion world. Also, for kids, this game about makeup art not only reveals kids' creative abilities but also helps increase concentration, train memory and fine motor skills in a series of mini-games, such as: taking pictures, popping soap bubbles quickly, washing animals, matching tables, etc.


The many levels and the tireless Masha's surprise commentary will make Masha and the Bear: Salon Game one of the most popular pastimes for players. With its simple and convenient interface, the game is suitable for everyone from 2 years old. It has stunning graphics and high-quality animations. Its characters are designed with high-quality animations. Games are designed for players to complete tasks. Masha and the Bear: Salon Game's beauty salon is built with high-quality visuals and displayed with realistic graphics. Every player will love the high quality and simple interface of this kid’s game. Download it now, and get to work, without hesitation to makeovers with all the ruffled dresses and the most incredible makeup. Start this quest now and learn how to make up and take care of yourself with this little but amazing Russian girl Martha. Style the characters from the player's favorite cartoon "Masha and the Bear".