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Masha and the Bear Pizza Maker is an RPG released by DEVGAME KIDS games on April 1, 2021. Players, along with Bear and Masha, will cook pizzas according to various recipes. After receiving orders from forest dwellers, players will gradually press the ingredients onto the dough, and then send them all to the oven for baking. Finish a dish and serve it to the customer. Players can use a truck to deliver the order to the owner, which will help Bear and Masha deliver the order on time.


The plot of the game goes like this, Bear and Masha are cooking and opening a pizzeria. Players play free kitchen games for kids with Masha and the Bear, make pizza and deliver it to friends. Someone ordered this delicious pizza. Great pizza, and players are helping Bear and Masha deliver fresh, juicy pizzas around the world in under 30 minutes. These are cool games for kids. In this fun kid’s game, your child will become a great pizza maker.


There are 9 hungry friends in Masha and the Bear's pizzeria, of course, they are all cute animal characters. Players will help Masha and Bear to serve them. Then there are 16 pizza recipes to make in this great pizza kitchen game for Masha and the Bear friends and clients. Players can choose from 35 ingredients in making a pizza, such as tomatoes, broccoli, cheese, condiments, and more. In the game of Masha and the Bear Pizza Maker, players are required to complete several game stages. First, players need to accept orders from friends and customers. The pizzeria's menu has a variety of options, including margaritas, pepperoni, Mexican pizza, strawberries, and 10 others. After accepting the order, the player will start preparing the food. In the game's great kitchen, players must make the most distinctive pizza. This requires the player to flatten the dough and add some pepperoni, tomatoes, basil, mushrooms, olives, onions, and other ingredients. Then sprinkle with some pepper and a pinch of salt. Once the seasoning is done, the delicious pizza is ready to go into the oven. Don't forget, a real pizza never forgets to grate some cheese on top for a delicious brown crust. In this fun kitchen game, there are many ingredients, recipes waiting for players to be creative and combine. Make a pizza, players will have a great sense of achievement. Especially if the player is your child. Of course, making a good pizza is only half the game. Next, the player must deliver the order in the game. A great pizza maker has to be lively and make every customer in the pizzeria happy. This will have more orders and better business waiting for players. Jumping into the pizza cart, players set off with Masha and the Bear to serve their friends and clients your very own culinary masterpiece while it's hot. At the end of the journey, all that's left is for the player to cut the pizza and say a lovely wish for your appetite to your lovely clients and friends.


From another angle, Masha and the Bear Pizza Maker is one of the funniest RPGs available with business gameplay. With this game app, players can not only enjoy the game but also learn business techniques. It is specially designed for players who like role-playing games and business games. In this game, players must run a pizza shop to earn more profit. People will order pizza and players have to process the order so that it should be delivered quickly within the given time. Pizza should be fresh, and it should taste good. Players must make pizzas according to the recipes given in the game and make them delicious. What's more, players must use their strategic skills to run the store so that profits will increase.


Masha and the Bear Pizza Maker has many unique features with stunning graphics and high-quality animations. Its characters are designed with high-quality animations. Games are all designed for players to complete their tasks. Masha and the Bear Pizza Maker's store is built with high-quality visuals and displayed with realistic graphics. Its stages are challenging as players must deliver multiple pizzas within a given time.


I highly recommend players to play this pizza shop game, all the characters from the Masha and the Bear cartoon series can't wait to try your masterpiece, download it now from Google Play or Apple Store. Join Bear and Masha for a kitchen game lover or a child who loves Masha and the Bear in a pizza making game.