Masha and the Bear: Good Night
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Masha and the Bear- Good Night is an iPhone and Android game app made by Oculist and by Hippo Kids Games. It's an interactive story for preschoolers designed to help parents put their kids to sleep. The game is based on the motivation of the cartoon series "Masha and the Bear". Bedtime stories and interactive lullabies are a special type of application in the educational game series. In an interactive story with a plot, puzzles and adventures, players are tasked with putting characters to bed and wishing them good night.


The plot of the game is like this, night falls and the forest falls into darkness. The only light sources are the moon in the sky and the night lights of Masha and the Bear's house. It was almost midnight, but neither the animals in the forest nor Masha and the bear in the house slept. They are all busy with business, they should do it before going to bed. Someone is trying to get things sorted, someone is getting supplies for tomorrow, someone is patting a blanket or counting the stars. One character wants to watch cartoons or wants to listen to a lullaby, and another comes to Martha's house to take a bath and listen to calm and pleasant music before going to bed. Your game challenges are below each character in the fairy tale about Masha and the Bear. What you need is not to help the forest animals and Masha and the bear quickly complete their daily tasks, but to go to bed and tell them bedtime stories. This task may not be tricky, but it's certainly difficult to perform, but it's also fun. Not only that but Masha and the Bear- Good Night is developing games in which players solve puzzles and write their own stories that increase children's imaginations in their dream worlds.


Players and Masha will meet her friends in the game, with characters such as wolves, rabbits, pigs and bears, each with their own mini-games. Players help the animals complete various tasks in the mini-game, from cleaning the house to eating sausages. All stories will be unusual and very interesting. Players will find bedtime stories and interactive lullabies much better than cartoons. Players will be the protagonists of the funniest stories ever and write an exciting new fairy tale about your own adventures in our kid’s games.


Masha and the Bear- Good Night is an entertaining game for all children, especially those familiar with popular cartoons. It has different gameplay as each mini-game is played differently. Having said that, everything is very intuitive, and most games only require pressing and dragging to interact with items. There are also dozens of items to interact with. Masha and the Bear- Good Night has many unique features including stunning graphics and high-quality animations. Its characters are designed with high-quality animations. Games are designed for players to complete tasks. Masha and the Bear- Good Night's bedrooms are built with high-quality visuals and displayed with realistic graphics. Every player will love the high quality and simple interface of this kid’s game. This is just right for 3- to 5-year-olds to start developing early bedtime habits and enlightening empathy. Any kid who likes cartoons and adventures should be invited to play by Masha and the Bear, put all the animals to bed, and wish them good night. Masha and the Bear- Good Night should be played by all family members. A lot of positive emotions can be brought here. It allows family members to spend a fun and useful time together.


I highly recommend players to play this game, let's accompany Masha and her friends together. Play and learn new and interesting things in the game. Download it now from Google Play or the Apple Store.