Masha and the Bear. Games & Activities
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Masha and the Bear. Games & Activities is an educational game specially designed to be a fully-featured Masha game. In Masha and the Bear - Activities, and Games, you will find fun games for children to work on their motor skills, creativity, and musical intelligence. Enjoy games are aimed at children up to 8 years old to help them develop their visual and musical intelligence and sharpen their memory. Almost every child knows Masha and the Bear, the adorable protagonists from the animated TV series are on an adventure in this game. You'll get to play with them and your little one and do activities that'll help improve your child's fine motor skills.


Masha and the Bear. Games & Activities is made exactly according to the cartoon and with this great and fun app, you can get familiar with a large number of different professions together with Masha and the Bear. With this game, your child can learn a lot while playing. The purpose of each game is to help Masha and the Bear to do something. You can help Masha and the Bear prepare delicious recipes, pick fruits and vegetables and learn about musical instruments according to how they sound. Plus you'll get to play on a hockey rink, ice skating, painting, and resolving tangrams along with a whole lot more. You can play alone, with friends or with your parents. They will improve mental agility, intelligence, and motor skills.


On this adventure watch as the little ones at home participate in 16 different games where they'll get to know different professions, improve their mental agility and intelligence, among other skills. Plus, from the main menu in this app you'll get to see all the games that are unlocked and access them at any time, the more you play the more points you get and the more games are unlocked. Go on tons of adventures with Masha and the Bear and let your little ones enjoy the ride as you open up a whole world of daily routines and activities for them to learn from as they grow.


Through fun and educational games, children will be able to learn about different types of careers in their childhood and understand which jobs are as suitable as possible for them than others. In the process, children will be able to improve their level of thinking and also develop motor skills and concentration, as well as enjoy a real-time study of the world. First, children will have the opportunity to choose a category of the profession to engage in the passage of special levels. In the end, you need to Masha and the Bear. Games &Activities and try to sort all the fruits and separate them from the vegetables. You will also have the opportunity to play a little game like hockey, as well as many other mini-games.


This app is a really fun way to keep your kids away from watching videos on YouTube and educate them. Of course, Masha and the Bear is one of the most popular cartoon series for kids, which is why the app is quickly gaining popularity. No matter what personality traits your child as if he likes Masha and the Bear, then you will find fun games in this app that will allow him to exercise his motor skills, creativity, and musical intelligence. These mini-games use characters from the popular Russian animated series to teach kids all sorts of things, so learning has never been so much fun for your kids.