Grand Theft Auto 3
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Grand Theft Auto III is a game that is set in modern-day New York City. It has one of the most iconic opening sequences in gaming, and it sets the tone for a game full of ambitious criminals and bizarre maniacs. Some people might be intimidated by GTA3's advanced shooting mechanics or violent content; however, others may be enticed by the variety of ways that this game offers up for fun. GTA3 is more than simply a game about killing people and stealing automobiles. This can be summed up by the mission « Get Busted », which involves the player being taken to prison for cop-killing... but once released from the police station, there is not a single cop or civilian to be found. The player needs to find themself after being let go by the police, with no weapons, and with nothing but their own two feet and fists. Many of GTA3's missions are designed in such a way that offers many different ways to achieve your goal. You may want to simply shoot at people for fun with Police cars chasing you or you may want to play it safe with no wanted level (The wanted Level is explained later). It is up to you to decide what you want to do and how you want to play the game. As with all GTA games, the fun can be had in many different ways.


So, how does Grand Theft Auto III differs from its predecessors? GTA3 is arguably the most realistic game in the series, as this is an actual model of New York City that has been created by Rockstar Games (the creators) and is being used as a basis for this game's world. This means that the movement of vehicles will follow real-life traffic patterns such as when traffic lights turn red or green at specific intervals, which will affect gameplay greatly. The creation of this game also applies world-based physics, which means that cars will actually bounce or slide on the sidewalk. This game also features a wide range of vehicles to choose from, from the humble Taxi to the bulky Double Decker Bus (like buses in real life). These vehicles are unlocked through missions and can be driven by any character (this is listed in the next section), unlike Grand Theft Auto 2 where you could only drive a car that you owned. It is a nice feature because it means that every character in your game has their own vehicles that they can use, not just your own character who is controlling them. This creates a feeling of realism and makes each mission feel unique to each character you control.


This is probably one of the greatest games in my life. I feel like it is not often talked about as much as some other GTA games but that does not bother me in the slightest. The best thing about this game is how you can play it multiple times and each time it seems to feel a little different from the last. The game has so many different features that it is hard to put into words. One of my favorite features is the missions where you have to pick up a certain amount of money and this always inspires me to try and get as much money as I can. I wish I could go back in time and get all the 100% completion bonuses for all the cars (which is easier if you have a car model in GTA IV) but that would take away from the fun of playing this game.