Garfield Food Truck
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Garfield Food Truck is a mobile game developed by Grupo Promineo SL for iPhone and Android devices. Garfield Food Truck is a puzzle game developed and published by Promineo Studios S.L for mobile phones for iPhone and Android devices, released in 2018. The game is themed around Garfield, an orange and fat cat of the breed Red Tabby Exotic whose hobbies are laziness and mischief, like eating a lot, sleeping for a long time, watching TV on the sofa, Dancing on the fence. The plot of the game is that Jon Arbuckle decides to take his new passion for cooking in a new direction with an off-road travel food truck. He takes Garfield and Odie to find the best sandwiches, the best lasagna, and the sweetest pie and lemonade. Players will help your favorite cat steal some delicious food for yourself and meet your favorite Garfield characters along the way: Liz, Arlene, Nermal, Squeak, and more.


Players need to help Garfield to cook delicious food. With different ingredients, combine 3 or more ingredients of the same type. Garfield and his friends, as the game's characters, start a food truck journey with the help of the player. Players will use their observation skills, logic and cooking abilities to complete happy missions and cook different dishes. Help Garfield trade pizza, fried potatoes, lemonade, pies, and other products. Line up and power up.


Funny stuff happens at the Garfield Food Truck in Garfield Food Truck. For example, there will be simple, exciting, and intuitive gameplay. Players simply switch and match 3 or more ingredients on the board to create explosive flavor combinations. Players can also play with friends. Cooking is more fun with some friendly competition. The game publishes daily tournaments and challenges where players prove their cooking skills. Garfield Food Truck will be rich in daily tasks and sweet rewards. Every week players can take the food truck to the next level, challenging new levels and surprises. The joy here is endless. Plus, the fun animations will bring any nostalgic player back to the classic Garfield world, and it's the perfect gift especially for Garfield fans. Garfield Food Truck is convenient, players can use Facebook login to easily sync between devices, allowing players to play the game anytime, anywhere.


Garfield Food Truck is a puzzle game that belongs to the sub-genre of the popular match-3 where the player will have to help the grumpy cat Garfield to serve food in the food truck. The mechanics of Garfield Food Truck are simple: in each level of the game, we must serve a series of orders. For this, we have a limited number of actions. So, just like in the same type of game, the player must get a certain number of slices of avocado or salami, for which the player must add three or more pieces of that type to a match-3 puzzle. The fewer moves the player makes and the more pieces they get, the more points we get in the final count. Therefore, players can aim for up to three stars per level.


Garfield Food Truck is a fun and entertaining match-3 game with very good production values and a very detailed graphics section. But more interesting are the graphics. The game illustrations are beautiful, colorful, and vibrant. The characters are also cute, which makes the game even more adorable. Garfield Food Truck is a fantastic and fun tribute to everyone's feline friend. The game itself is engaging, strategic and unique. Perfect for the Garfield cat lover or anyone who likes match-3 puzzles in general. While the gameplay isn't terribly unique, the game is fun, simple, and addicting. Especially since there are well-known Garfield characters. It makes for a very immersive experience. I highly recommend this game to match 3 fans and Garfield fans.