Frozen Book with Digital Magic
Release the magic of Frozen 2!




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Frozen Book with Digital Magic is a game app that will show you the great magic inside. This game as you can tell by its name, it’s related to the Disney movie, Frozen. This app will allow you to use magic by using the Magic adventure book and you will be able to see all the features the game has for your as soon as you download this app. It’s all about the magic of Elsa.


There are pages of portraits of all the characters in Frozen and this is one of the good features the game has for the players. I love looking at their high-resolution pictures since I’m a big fan of the Frozen series. I don’t have to spend time searching for their images online when I have this app on my phone because this app grants me access to their portraits any time I want to take a look at them which is just great for the fans. And you can even display the portraits digitally on your wall in your house. I love these types of ideologies that are provided by the creators and games like this makes some real-life difference which isn’t just simply on the phone playing a game.


There is also a collection feature where you will be spending time collecting element crystals and unlocking magical power. This is sort of like what the characters would do on the movie set and as a fan, I certainly would want to do the things the protagonist would do in the movie, so I enjoy this feature very much. I have a niece who loves Else who is the princess in the movie so she loves the time with this app her favorite part of the app is unlocking magic power and using them in the app just like her idol, Elsa. You might be confused about how the app would work, it’s nothing but simply point the camera on your phone at the page and use it to display magic. If you want to download this app and use all its features, you would certainly need the magic book which doesn’t come digitally. So the Frozen Book is most definitely required.


Some opinions on the app of my own will be listed below. I feel like the graphics look decent but it looks sort of unrealistic which I think can be improved in this sense with modern technology I love the feature of seeing magic on my phone and I think it’s a great design but the developers could have done more to make the app better than it’s right now. The portraits are great with all the glass-looking surroundings which make the app feels like I’m in the castle in the movie and their pictures are being displayed on the wall. There are captions in this app that will show you what sort of magic you can use and unlock pictures I think it’s quite interactive and feels like a great design. Something about this app you need to keep in mind is the fact that sometimes, it won’t run for some reason. No matter what you do or how many times you’ve tried it, it just won’t run. Cause of this reason, a lot of loyal supporters of this app chose to uninstall it which is quite unfortunate. Some bugs will prevent the app from having any “magic” and it doesn’t matter how many times you try to lick on the picture. I hope the developers can solve these technical issues and bring peace back to the game.