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Are you a Disney Frozen fan by any chance? I’ve adored this movie since the very beginning since it first came out. The princess, whose name is Elsa, got my attention quickly when I first started watching this film, and Elsa sooner than I thought, became the goddess that I love. So I’ve always wanted a good wallpaper on my phone that suits me and looks cool as well. After I had done some research on apps online, I came to this specific app called Elsa Froze Princess Queen Live Wallpaper.


As you can tell by the title of this app, it’s a live wallpaper app that has all the pictures of Elsa, the princess. The best thing about this app is all the live wallpapers that suit the modern phone. I mean, phones are quickly updating to newer levels and most of the phones that people are using nowadays can support live wallpapers and it’s super cool to have one as well. If you want an old-fashioned wallpaper, you can simply just search for your favorite picture online and just make that your wallpaper, but there is nothing you can do to search for things like live Wallpaper. So this app supports what I need from the wallpaper and the great thing about this app is that it’s just about Elsa and nothing else. If you are looking for a more general wallpaper app and you are not necessarily an Elsa fan, this app might not be your go-to place at all so be advised if you want the app at all.


One of my favorite features in the app is the touching feature. You can simply touch your screen and hold your finger on there to see the live effect of the pictures. It’s sort of like what you would do for the live pictures you take for your phone so it’s easily accessible and quite straightforward to use for most users. The picture will not be live if you choose to just leave it and take a look. There are also some settings you can choose to turn on or turn off which I think it’s pretty helpful. Like there is this one feature like enable or disable ripple effect which I would recommend to keep it on personally speaking and it looks super cool but not everyone is a fan of this feature. I’m glad the developers gave the users the freedom of the choice they can do to their wallpaper and the app can help you to put your background wallpaper directly from there so it’s not hard to do at all and the app is helpful in this sense.


There isn’t a lot of selection of pictures you can choose from in this app and I think that’s one of the features I think it’s lacking. There are all those great pictures that people can turn in in life and I’m wondering why the developers didn’t do much about this. I feel like the app could have more downloads if the developers update the app constantly and upload more Elsa pictures for the fans. If this is the case, I would also assume there won’t be that many uninstall as well. Another flaw of the app, it’s the fact it won’t run the majority of the time in some cases. When people try to open up this app, their phone’s screen turns white for some reason and this is simply not the phone’s problem at all. People try and try to open this app and it just won’t open I do wish the developers can solve these problems.