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Elmo Loves 123s is a number learning game designed by Sesame Street for children ages 5 and under. The game teaches children to identify numbers, helps them learn to count, lets them keep track of numbers, and assists with addition and subtraction. The game has coloring pages, clips from TV shows, fun puzzles, and a tracker for parents to use. The app runs on iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets) and is available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is also one of the first Sesame Apps to launch on the Amazon app Store.


The app features drawings and coloring, puzzles, songs, and video clips from the Sesame Street show. You can slide, swipe, touch, and trace your favorite numbers and discover fun counting games with Elmo and his friend Abby. These games focus on helping kids master early counting skills and perfect for preschoolers. True to the Sesame brand, the app features some cute and quirky characters such as some very smooth saxophone playing penguins and some funky chicks in funky t-shirts - all designed to help kids master their counting.


When the Elmo Loves 123s app opens, a video clip featuring Elmo and Abby plays, telling kids to tap the Abby icon at the bottom of the screen to play a numbers game or tap the numbers on the screen to have fun with Elmo. Elmo lets kids choose a number (1-20) from a colorful screen. Kids track the numbers and then view them in Sesame Street video clips. Abby also introduces your child to addition and subtraction by letting them add and take away monsters in different scenarios. It's a good introduction to numbers and basic math for preschoolers. After all, everyone loves Elmo and Abby.


As children play their favourite number games parents and carers can use the 123s tracker to see how their learning has progressed. When parents open the 123s tracker, they can view information about their kids’ past play - including the time played, the percentage correct, and the activities covered. This makes it easy for you to track your child's progress. This is a great app to help kids learn numbers and a great tool for parents to see how their kids are learning. You'll find that Elmo and Abby are far more engaging for your child than you ever imagined, and the knowledge they gain with Elmo Loves 123s is more than you can imagine.


All-in-all, the Elmo Loves 123s app is a simple, yet fun and safe app that teaches children about numbers, counting, and basic arithmetic. Even better, the Elmo Loves 123s app is an award winner, named Best Learning App: Tablet (Preschool) by iKids Awards. In this app, Elmo and Abby share their love of numbers with your kid. Your kids will learn about numbers in an upbeat and lively interactive environment. Elmo Loves 123s gives kids an energetic and enjoyable way to get introduced to numbers and basic math.