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If your child is a fan of Sesame Street or Elmo, then he'll be excited about this app! It's an app full of fun calls from Elmo that will help teach your child about healthy habits, confidence, and letters. You can receive video calls, audio calls, and voicemails from Sesame Street's very own furry red monster. Or, give him a call yourself! When Elmo calls, it's a great opportunity for your child to learn how to interact with others on the phone. Elmo will say basic words and sentences to them, and it's their job to respond with what they've learned. It's a cute, fun, and educational time with Elmo! With dozens of different interactive calls, your child can be entertained for hours.


The app is $1.99 and comes with one “pack,” which includes about a half-dozen messages from Elmo. After that, each additional themed pack is $1.99, or you can spend $6.99 and buy all the packs at once. That’ll give your Elmo-obsessed little one another 45 videos and 71 calls. If your child likes Elmo very much, I suggest you buy all the packs at once. There is a pack specifically for difficult or scary things like fighting with a sibling, going to bed, or going to the doctor. You can even get a pack that helps your child talk about their feelings. They're useful for the whole family and, because they're Elmo, they're super-engaging.


Elmo calls is a series of pre-recorded "Face-time" like videos. There are over 10 different videos to play. Each one starts with the phone ringing and Elmo giving your child time to answer, so the calls feel interactive. You can also see video "voicemail" messages to see what Elmo said while you were away. Let's be honest. Elmo can convince our kids to do anything, and Sesame Street knows it. In addition to some super cute and silly songs and jokes, the Elmo Calls app has some really handy "calls". With educational calls for each letter of the alphabet, several songs for learning the ABCs and counting, and some other learning-focused chats, Elmo can have a conversation with your child.


The fun doesn't stop there either. You can schedule phone calls, too. Set up a call from Elmo to say "good night" every night before bed. Or, if you're handy and know your kids well, you can schedule a call from Elmo ahead of time so it happens two minutes later when the kids inevitably cry in the supermarket. If you're looking for more ways to teach your child to go potty, Elmo can help you too. Elmo's Potty Time app allows you to track your child's potty progress. Your child will soon be transitioning from diapers to underwear, and Elmo is with him every step of the way. Some of the features include "I'm waiting for the potty" and "Flush the potty". Kids can check off when they go, wipe, flush and wash their hands!


Overall, Elmo calls is a great app, which makes calling Elmo a total cinch for even the tiniest fingers. With playful words from the popular Sesame Street character, learning basic vocabulary has never been more fun for your child. Watch your kids play and interact with Elmo as he teaches them simple words and sit back and smile, knowing that they are having fun while learning. With Elmo Calls, kids can laugh, play, and sing along with Elmo!