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Do you enjoy amine? If you're seeking a fun mobile game, "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle" is the one! Within minutes of installing this well-designed, highly addictive game, you'll be hooked. Ever since the first Dragon Ball Z episode aired, people have been hooked on the saga that is Goku and Vegeta. It is a game where you collect the characters and make teams attack enemies. It has various contents, but at its core, it's about forming a team that can beat every enemy in a strategic fashion. You will be able to construct a team by gathering together your favorite characters from “dragon ball z dokkan battle” and combining their skills to smash the opponent.


The premise is easy to get behind: assemble your Hero Team from Dragon Ball's iconic characters and battle it out with your opponents'. The graphics are crisp and clear, the gameplay is fun and addicting and there are plenty of modes that will keep you coming back for more. Dokkan Battle is a puzzle game where players clear stages by matching three or more orbs from the same type. You can tap the screen, use simple swipe motions, or even use both at the same time! There are over 300 different types of orbs in total, so there are plenty of different strategies you can employ. Doing well in battles gets you “Zeni” (money), which you can then trade for new characters, items, and other goodies. As you play more, your item hoard increases, and you can gain more cards of higher rarity. Here you pick a character and have them fight alongside you! A random card will appear in the first stage your opponent battles in! (This is called “Matching Break”). The opponent’s starting characters will be taken out of the game! A special Training Stage will be held, and you can get a chance to fight to earn rare characters! There are also other ways to play, such as the “Fusion” system, “Supporter Points”.


But as much as we love it, you must be wondering how this one compares to other Dragon Ball games. “Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle” offers players both story mode and Free-For-All: an endless battle where you can fight against the CPU. The Story Mode features a variety of missions, from Normal and Hardcore Mode all the way up to Extreme, which will test your skills to the limit! You'll need a good team to beat the Extreme missions, so make sure you spend some time choosing which characters are right for your team.


What would it take for me to get there? Once you've gathered a decent team, you'll need to work on your player level. You start out at level one and can't even access the main story mode missions until you reach level 10. After that, it'll take quite a bit of time (and some good luck) for you to be able to participate in higher-level modes. So don't get frustrated and give up if you're stuck on the lower levels for a while. The game isn't going anywhere!


But what happens if your hero reaches max level? Don't worry—there are other ways to raise your player rank by raising your Friendship Points (FP). You can do this by playing the game, clearing new mission sections, defeating your opponent's team in Dokkan Battles, and increasing the number of Heroes you've added to your team. As you level up your rank and unlock new abilities in training mode, you'll be able to obtain items that will help you against stronger opponents. So, is it worth it? I think so! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is definitely one of the best mobile games around.