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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is a Dragon Ball-themed action mobile game released by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. on January 18, 2018. It is a fighting game for mobile devices of iOS and Android. In DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, players can choose three game characters from a character collection and fight another player. During combat, when one of a player's characters is defeated, a second character will take their place. And so on, until one of the players in the first to defeat all three fighters on the opponent's team, the game is over, and that player will be the winner.


The operation of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is very easy. Players only need to tap the screen with one finger to unleash basic attacks and dodge enemy attacks with a simple swipe. For more complex game actions, the game will adopt a card battle system. Players will see that four cards will appear in the battle, and each card has a different attack power and energy consumption of the game character. Even cooler, players can use these cards together to form amazing combinations, some of which represent very powerful moves. Each character in the game has a different set of cards available to the player, but they appear randomly during battle. With the understanding of the game, the player can go to the character's status screen to check the character's parameters and abilities. Players will find that each character has a unique fighting style. This familiarity will make them feel the charm of the game. For example, there are characters that are melee types, which will be good at melee attacks, as well as ranged types, defensive types, and support types that excel in buffs or debuffs. Players need to master each character type before starting the battle.


DRAGON BALL LEGENDS also has excellent graphics. Its interface is rendered in 3D, and the game's action is fast and clear. If players have lower-spec smartphones, they can make graphics settings less hardware-intensive. This will also save players their battery power. Rest assured, this doesn't affect the graphics too much and is just as brilliant and crisp. The music of the game adopts the typical DRAGON BALL music. Players will feel lively, powerful, and rhythmic. For fans of DRAGON BALL, this is an atmosphere that they are familiar with and miss. Also, the game's music doesn't repeat that often. Players will not feel bored. More fast-paced music is heard when the player selects a team member. It's like preparing the player for the game. Everything is meaningful. When it comes to game operation, the game will also have a voice-over. This makes the game more realistic to play. During the battle, the music became more cheerful, even intense. Players will get excited about this fighting game.


DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is closer to a strategy card game. Its control system is perfect for this type of game. Players tap the screen to perform an attack and swipe the screen to move and dodge the attack. The overall operation is very simple. It's all at the top of the player's fingertips, like tap to use a card, tap to switch roles, tap the player icon, and more. But players can rest assured that it's not just about tapping the screen. Because in every battle, players encounter a lot of quick events that can completely change the outcome.


Overall, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is an excellent fighting game. In some ways, it's even epic. Players will see fight scenes between Goku and Frieza in a variety of options with surprises and transformations. This process is exciting for players. Although there is a monetization system in the game, these in-game currencies used to release characters are also quite friendly to players. I believe many players will like this game. They will fall in love with the gameplay in the wonderful graphics and colorful interface. If the player is a Dragon Ball fan, I recommend DRAGON BALL LEGENDS to them even more. He will not disappoint.