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Dr. Mario World is an elimination puzzle game featuring the popular classic game character Mario. Here, the whole world is contaminated by a sudden outbreak of the virus, and Mario will take on the role of a medical doctor to destroy the virus. This is a simple puzzle game. Control the red, blue, and yellow capsules floating upwards and arrange the same colored capsules vertically or horizontally in 3 rows to destroy the virus. The number of capsules you can use varies from level to level, so if you destroy all the viruses before you run out, you will pass the level.


While the standard goal is to clear all the viruses on the screen, there are still a few variants scattered around to make things a little confusing. You may be asked to collect all the coins on the stage by performing clearances next to Mario-style bricks; some of these contain multiple coins, so you'll have to find a way to hit many clearances without using too much of your limited supply of pills. The key to victory is the clever use of capsules that turn in half.


As the game progresses, not only Mario but also Princess Peach and King Cool will appear in the form of a doctor. Familiar characters such as Chestnut, Slow Turtle, and Steel Turtle will also come to help destroy the virus. Initially starting as Dr. Mario, you will soon have the option to stay with him or switch to Dr. Bowser or Dr. Peach (you will have the opportunity to unlock the others later). Each doctor has his or her special move, which is triggered when you fill a gauge.


Dr. Mario World is a free game where hearts are the in-game currency that you must spend to play a level. If you pass the level, you will get your heart back. Otherwise, they are replenished at a rate of once every 30 minutes. If you play well, you can continue without any consequences. However, if you get hung up on a level or have a series of bad performances, you will be forced to stop and wait for your heart to come back to life. Of course, you can refill these hearts by spending real money on gems, which will earn you more hearts. They can also be used to give you more time or harder pills or to exchange for new doctors and assistants.


Compared with other three-disaster games, Dr. Mario is more strategic. To destroy the virus you have to pay attention to the placement of the capsules, but also cleverly guide the game's props, bombs, turtle shells, and so on. Capsules appear in the form of Tetris, not only can be deformed, but also the other half will fall automatically after being eliminated, so we have to consider more situations for the release of the position. Of course, there will also be a dilemma of releasing the wrong capsule so that we have the whole game crash.