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Disney Frozen Adventures is a match-three game based on the movie Frozen, developed by Jam City, with a Disney stamp as it contains licensed characters and stories from the critically acclaimed animated movie. Set in the kingdom of Arendelle, the player joins Elsa, Olaf and Anna, all familiar characters from the first movie and spin-offs, as they challenge hundreds of different levels of puzzles. Beautifully detailed graphics and a lively soundtrack will take you into the beautiful world of Frozen. You can promote the development of the plot by eliminating the play, and keep exploring every part of the beautiful castle to decorate it to your favorite look.


Its core gameplay is to earn snowflakes by completing match-three levels to decorate and build your own castle and the kingdom of Allendale. The levels are Frozen-themed and based on the movie, so before taking on a level, players must choose a character from Anna, Elsa, or Olaf to complete the level together. Just like in the movie each character will have different special moves, such as ice picks or freezing. When playing as each character, each character will perform a different ability when their magic is full by matching light blue crystals whenever the player fills a character's magic.


As with all triple elimination games, the beginning levels are easy, but as the game progresses the levels will get harder. Once the player has completed each scene by using snowflakes, they will move on to the next scene. Each time the player progresses further, the scenes become more difficult as further tasks require the player to use more than one snowflake to complete the task. The difficult levels have various types of elements that the player will encounter in the further levels.


Occasionally, optional boosts are available for the player to use throughout gameplay in case the level becomes difficult. The player can buy extra boosts for coins or via bundles for real-world money at the Arendelle Market where the player can buy coins and bundles containing multiple boosts such as unlimited lives, power-ups, enhancements, etc. But if you don't want to spend real money on extra boosters, then at some point the level becomes almost impossible to complete, which is very frustrating!


Outside of the puzzles, The player can decorate and build up their own castle and the Kingdom of Arendelle, in a point and click style. In this stage of the game, the original Disney characters will play a much more important part as there are a lot of dialogues and features. The graphics are very clear, the scenes characters are highly recreated, sounds and smiles are recreated as those familiar scenes from Frozen. All the characters and the entire universe look as if the player has stepped into the Frozen universe.