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Cookie Calls is an educational app for iOS and Android published by Sesame Workshop. It's an app full of funny calls from Cookie Monster that will help your kids learn life skills. Cookie Calls encourages children to develop a variety of healthy habits, from washing their hands to eating fruits and vegetables. It also helps parents establish routines for their children. When Cookie Calls is in use, children can receive video calls from Cookie Monster or make cookie calls themselves. Children can also receive regular voicemails from cookies and listen to messages at any time. Even more interesting, while chatting with the cookie, the child can view a live video of himself in the corner of the screen. Cookie Calls gameplay is very simple, even monsters can do it. Parents can have in-app purchases "Parental Lock" to prevent accidental charges, and call scheduling to set when Cookie Monster calls their kids


Cookie Calls are an innovative and fun way for young children to interact with Sesame's most popular monsters. When the child calls Cookie, he is always there to answer. Cookie Calls helps kids learn through a variety of media by creating innovative and fun ways, and that's exactly what the app offers.


Cookie Calls help children discover how to use technology and learn various skills from it. In Cookie Calls, kids can call Cookie Monster and use the iPhone's Facetime feature to appear to interact with the monster through a set of videos. Cookie Monster teaches a variety of subjects, including healthy eating habits and math skills like addition and subtraction. There are also various add-ons available for parents to purchase. All add-ons currently purchased will simply add additional video options to the call, providing more variety. Cookie Calls have some drawbacks, including limitations on content available after purchase, and as with most apps, there will always be some bugs to overcome.


One of the interesting things about Cookie Calls in real life is that it helps parents avoid making up anything to get their kids to listen to you. Because Cookie Monster would kindly do this kind of tedious work. Whether it's a video call or a voicemail, Cookie will help explain healthy eating or routines to kids or just make kids laugh with his signature squishy eyes and fluffy blue fur. Parents can schedule intervals throughout the day to help with naps, meals or bedtime through Cookie Calls. Facetime-style video boxes on calls allow kids to see themselves in real-time for added fun. I'm sure kids of younger ages will love this app. Cookie Monster is an old friend because most kids or adults will be fans of Sesame Street. For some odd reason, kids always listen when someone other than their parents tells them they should do something important, especially a familiar character, even a cartoon character. That's one of the most valuable things about Cookie Calls.


Cookie Calls as a free download is great and has unique features, but the downside is that while the initial download is free and includes a "package", everything else comes at a high cost. Parental control panels for scheduling calls and locking in-app purchases are an additional $0.99, and the other four packs are the same price. Get everything for a single payment of $2.99. I recommend that users who purchase choose to pay a flat rate and include everything in one download, as it's worth the full purchase.


Overall, Cookie Calls are a very useful learning tool for younger children. While content is limited at first, the additional content available for purchase really complements an already enjoyable app. Cookie Calls teach a variety of useful skills, including using technology to complement standard math and imagination lessons. I highly recommend parents and kids to download this app.