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The Pink Panther is a fictional animated character who appears in the opening and/or closing credits of every film in the Pink Panther series, except A Shot in the Dark and Inspector Clouseau. In the storyline of the original film, the Pink Panther is the name of a precious pink diamond that, because of its flaws, appears as a "springing panther figure" when held up to the light in a certain way; in the credits, this is translated as an animated pink panther.


He is a heroic, moral cartoon cat with pink fur and the manners of an English aristocrat. He only becomes flustered or angry at obtuse or offensive humans who try to disrupt his existence, or at troublesome gadgets, rodents, or insects. In most of his cartoons, he stumbles into a difficult situation and stoically endeavors to make the best of it. The character's popularity spawned a spin-off franchise consisting of theatrical shorts, animated television series, and merchandise. He has starred in 124 short films, four television series, and four television specials.


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