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If you're a parent who wants your kids to read and be creative while having fun, trust me, Bookful Learning: Smurfs Time is your first choice. Bookful Learning: Smurfs Time tops the Google Playstore's list of apps in the Books & Reference category. It has very good ratings and reviews. Currently, Bookful Learning: Smurfs Time for Windows has an average overall user rating of over 4.7 stars. It has a 5.0-star rating on the Apple Store. Most users rate it as a great educational app. Children love to read because of it. Or think it's an amazing experience for kids, the book's content is lifelike, it's fun to operate, and it's perfect for educating kids.


Bookful Learning: Smurfs Time is a Books & Reference category app for kids by Inception XR Ltd. It aims to provide a creative and educational world of design for children aged 4-8. Your kids will learn, play and read with iconic characters that finally come to life using augmented reality, and the fun never ends as these adorable familiar iconic characters continue to grow with updates.


But it's the content that counts, and Bookful Learning takes kids exploring fascinating times in history or learning how to read a clock with cute blue characters. The beloved characters here will inspire and encourage your child to keep learning and reading. It is a good friend for children and a powerful assistant for parents. Bookful Learning has many educational games and activities to make learning live and fun. Children can learn to spell the words in the story. There are also fun quiz questions for kids to think about and answer. It teaches kids to dance and draw with their favorite characters.


In Bookful Learning: Smurfs Time, children learn with iconic characters and work through books and games in the learning path. It's not just an app, it's more like an early childhood teacher. Here children will acquire important basic educational skills such as recognizing letters and words, independent reading skills, spelling, pronunciation of words, reading comprehension, drawing, dancing, telling time, life skills and more.


Bookful Learning is functional and distinctive, first and foremost, it is designed by children's user experience experts to provide a user-friendly and rich educational curriculum. Second, it helps all subjects in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade to accelerate early childhood literacy development and to develop a learning path and independent learning that allows children to understand knowledge and culture in a step-by-step manner, which is important for homeschooled children Great help for kids who want to learn on the road. Trust me, choose to use the Bookful Learning app that will turn your child's screen time into productive reading time and foster a love of reading in your child.


If you are a parent or a teacher in lower grades, download Bookful Learning: Smurfs Time now, it supports Android and iOS systems, so users can download it in the Apple Store and Google Store. Lead your child or student to learn, play and read with iconic characters, it won't let you down, it'll just be your best assistant. Children will recognize letters and words in happiness, gain independent reading skills, learn to spell, pronounce words, and even reading comprehension, and there are so many wonderful contents waiting for you to join and explore. Learn with love and use your devices efficiently to keep your kids away from content that is unfavorable or inappropriate for them from an early age. Trust me, it is worth having and experiencing for you and your children and students. Not to mention there are lovely Smurf-like characters waiting for you inside.