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Angry Birds Dream Blast is a simple and enjoyable puzzle mobile game genre developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. And the player doesn't need to come up with a perfect strategy to complete the level. All the player needs to do is keep tapping the screen. Players don't have to think too much about tapping the screen in Dream Blast. It's easy to take out your phone and try to pass a few levels, where the player beats several levels in a row. So, there is no need for players to feel pressure. Players can sit back and enjoy their click time. It is also easy to put it away if the player is unsuccessful. Players don't need to be stressed, just take their time.


The game has no strict restrictions. All the player needs to do is to combine four or more bubbles of the same color into various birds to explode more bubbles. Combine four or more bubbles of the same color into various birds, turn more bubbles, evil pig balloons, plain old rocks, cool ice cubes, and other slightly irritating junk into dream dust, The whole process is really addicting. In the game, the player will become more and more ambitious, because the player only wants to have the omnipotent bird. Players get very excited every time they get a very powerful bird. Players can use this bird to destroy pigs. In addition, there are other props available. Since there is no storyline, players can give the game an interesting plot by expanding their imagination. Of course, the most important thing is that the player needs to destroy the pigs and recover those eggs and baby containers. The job of the player on the different levels is completely different. So, it is impossible for players to get bored with this game in a short period of time.


If the player can successfully complete the task, the player will have the opportunity to recover a certain number of eggs. On some levels, players need to pop a certain number of bubbles. Therefore, before starting the game, the player should clearly see the exact purpose or objective of this level. Otherwise, even if the player eliminates all the pigs and clears all the obstacles, the player will not be able to complete the mission. At the same time, players will also like the visual effects and sound effects of this game. The sound effects aren't that extraordinary, but the pigs are really cute when they scream in pain. And the sound effects give the whole game a very soothing atmosphere.


There are currently over 1500 levels available in Angry Birds Dream Blast in total. More new levels will be upgraded regularly. So, if players just want to try some relaxing games to kill their spare time, then this game will be a perfect choice. If the player has a keen eye, the player will notice some similarities between the different levels. So, after playing for a while, players will become more familiar with the game and its missions. It will be easier for players to complete all levels.


After playing for a while, players will find that this game is not purely for fun, but also to release and restrain the player's excessive anger. You will feel relieved after the player has won several levels in a row. Destroying all these vicious pigs is a satisfying thing. Also, players will feel a deep sense of satisfaction by helping all these lovely birds. Players will feel that after you have rescued all the trapped eggs, you will feel great. Well, wait no more, if you are looking for some fun and relaxing games to kill your spare time, this game is right there for you. You will love the moment you blow up all the colorful bubbles. If you are always very busy in your daily life, you should also play this game to calm yourself down. it's free, why not download it and give it a try? I'm sure you can easily like it.