Bubble Shooter - Snoopy POP!
Bubble Shooter: Bubble Pop Game




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This is an awesome bubble shooter, and I really like the concept and theme of it. Honestly, I grew up a huge Snoopy fan and a big part of the reason I like the theme is because of fond childhood memories of the Peanuts gang. This is not your average tournament-type game but has many unique elements such as swinging ropes and different Peanuts characters with different powers, and I also really like how it ties the themed neighborhoods together with the Peanuts gang. Now that Woodstock and the rest of his flock are trapped in a bubble, only you can help Snoopy cleverly break the bubble to save his best friend!


Seeing this you might think that I like this game because I prefer the Peanuts gang, but that's not really the case. The gameplay of this game is also so engaging that you may enjoy it even if you don't like Peanuts. This game is the perfect balance of challenge and fun. The game always provides you with the desired color so you can detect patterns in the direction you should go in the puzzle; this is much more fun than games that confront you and provide you with the least desired color to force you to relax. In this game, it forces you to think smart, so it's a challenge without being too stressful.


Honestly, I really enjoyed playing this game! The obstacles are very clever and challenging, and being able to get 10 extra balls by watching the video is a plus. I found myself playing it all the time, especially when I had nothing else to do. But the game isn't always easy, especially at the higher levels where getting through the levels becomes very difficult. I see the devs respond in the comments section that it's possible to win without spending money and that each level was tested before release to make sure it could be cleared without paying. But the fact is, I still find it difficult to get to the next level unless I buy more bubbles.


Other than that, I have no complaints. The game's graphics are awesome and visually pleasing. I love how the developers keep up with the holidays, with a Halloween theme for Halloween and a Thanksgiving theme for Thanksgiving. Would love to see a holiday-themed community like the Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown Christmas. If you're a Snoopy fan and are looking for a little game to pass the time Bubble Shooter - Snoopy POP!